Limin Yang

Limin Yang, 20055He entered Minglong Warp Knitting Company in January and grew from an initial security worker to a qualified workshop monitor today. With the tenacity of assiduous research on technology, through unremitting efforts, he has made great progress in machine repair technology, and is a good hand in warp knitting company. Whenever there is a machine failure in the workshop, the first thought of the employees is "monitor yang". In learning and management, he is more active, summing up all kinds of experiences and lessons in time, and giving systematic training to the team after sorting out. Often with a naive "smiling face", new workers can also shorten the "sense of distance" with him at the first time, and they can always find out with "monitor Yang" if they have problems. "doing a good job every day" is his work requirement and attitude towards himself as a grass-roots "leader.

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