Zhu Yan Bud

Zhu Yanya,20095Month into the Ming Long base cloth company. She is a "good worker at ease" in the eyes of the company's leaders ". With fast speed and high accuracy, due to her outstanding work performance, she grew from an ordinary car blocker to a yarn wearer in the second year. In the wear yarn technology, is now also the leader of the base cloth company. She is enthusiastic and active in her work, and often helps the "sisters" around her to solve various "problems" encountered in her work ". Never care about gains and losses, so that she can 100% complete the tasks assigned by the leadership, accumulated over time, has been unanimously recognized by colleagues and leaders. In the line8Since the year, she has been rated as an outstanding employee of the group twice. This sense of honor and responsibility has been accompanied by her more active efforts and continuous progress to contribute to the development of the enterprise.


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