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Building Cloth

Product summary: The cloth specially used for making light box posters or light box advertisements is mainly characterized by high transparency, uniform light, high color reduction, waterproof and dustproof, and durability. Most light box cloth on the market is made of PVC, silk or silk.


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2018-10-22 17:15

Product Description

Light box cloth is widely used in shopping malls, squares, stations, airports, exhibition halls, hotels and other places of advertising, can also be used for outdoor billboards, light box promotion, store promotion, exhibition and other occasions.

It is often used as a modeling material in screen printing and flat printing to produce patterns or characters with high contrast and sharp edges. The light box cloth is mainly used in light box posters and light box advertisements due to its high transparency and uniform light propagation characteristics.
Knife cloth and light box cloth, although the use of different materials, but have their own unique applications and functional characteristics. When making light box posters or light box advertisements, appropriate light box cloth materials should be selected according to actual needs to achieve the best visual effects and publicity effects.