Group Lean production management construction and implementation of training

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In order to further improve the management efficiency and establish a fine management system, on November 16, the Human Resources Department of Minglong Holding Group and Li? Training jointly organized and invited Mr. Zhang Xinjie to hold a training on the theme of "Construction and Implementation of Lean Production Management" in the multimedia room. The workshop team leader, the workshop director, the first-line management personnel, the production vice president, the general manager, the secretary of each branch, and the business operation/assistant participated in the training. Mr. Zhang explained how to do a good job in the construction and implementation of lean production management from four aspects: what is lean production, the introduction of lean production tools, the introduction of lean ideas, and the implementation of lean production management in combination with case analysis, video and other ways. Through this training, the trainees have a comprehensive understanding of the depth of fine management and the importance of fine management in real work. For the future development of Ming Long lay a good foundation.