The Group Held the Fourth Minglong Lecture Hall and Post-disaster Rescue Commendation Conference

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On November 9, the group held the fourth Minglong lecture hall in the multifunctional conference hall on the second floor. The event was presided over by Zhang Jianfang, the party committee secretary and president Zhu Jianhua, and the head teacher and above to the general manager and all party members participated in the event. First, President Zhu Jianhua commended the five commandos mobilized to resume production after the disaster in October and awarded certificates and bonuses. After that, Zhu Jianhua decided by drawing lots to give a speech on the theme. The first Kibu sales vice president Lv Yan gave a speech on how to seize and tap potential customers in the form of PPT. Zhu Dezhong, general manager of the second brick and tile company, told everyone how to face the disaster and then effectively recover and continue to develop. Jia Qunhai, the third vice president of the warping company, gave a speech on how to manage work to reduce costs and improve benefits, their wonderful speech was well received and affirmed by everyone. Finally, Zhu Jianhua made a brief and affirmative comment on the speech of the three people. He said that the purpose of the Minglong Lecture Hall is to improve management and innovate management. Today's speech of the three people has a clear theme and rich content, which not only shows their talents, but also improves their management ability.