The Group Held a Post-disaster Production Recovery Mobilization Conference and the Third Minglong Lecture Hall

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The group company organized the whole factory staff to hold a "mobilization meeting for the resumption of production". at the meeting, president Zhu jianhua analyzed the huge economic losses brought to the group by the disaster, but he also stressed that "the disaster is merciless and people have feelings". minglong employees must "cheer up, constantly strive for self-improvement, resume production as soon as possible and reduce the losses to the lowest point". At the meeting, the post-disaster production recovery leading group was established, with 5 assault teams under it, and rushed to the disaster-stricken front line in the form of rotating support to restore productive clean-up work. Today, the "Ming Long First Commando" has gone to Qin Xing brick and tile site to clean up the whole day. Although the restorative work is still very arduous, the spirit of self-improvement of Minglong people supports the whole company. We are confident and determined to make the production of each branch return to normal in the shortest possible time.