The Group Held the Second Phase of the Minglong Lecture Hall

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    9Month16On the afternoon of the 2nd, the group held the second Minglong lecture hall in the multimedia room on the fifth floor of the holding company. the activity was presided over by guo fengen, assistant to the president, zhu jianhua, secretary of the party committee and president,With the head teacher above to the general manager management personnelandAll Party Membersparticipated in this activity. First of allZhu Jianhua decided by drawing lots3NamePersonnelOn the theme of the speech, the firstParty Construction Instructor Zhang JianfangJustHow Party Building Work Assists Enterprise Developmentgave a speech;SecondWarp Knitting CompanyGeneral Help Zhou LijunWith PPTFormTell everyonehow to win the trust of customers; third assistant to the president shen zhuhu gave a speech on how to implement logistics management work,Their wonderful speech was well received and affirmed by everyone. Finally, Zhu Jianhua was rightThreeThe man's speech made a brief comment and he saidThe purpose of the Minglong Lecture Hall is to improve management and innovate management. Today's three people's speeches have a clear theme and rich content. They not only display their talents, but also improve their management capabilities.