Group to carry out fine management training

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In order to further improve the management efficiency and establish a fine management system, on September 7, the human resources department of minglong holding group and lide training jointly organized a training on the theme of "fine management" in the multimedia room on the fifth floor of the holding group. the workshop team leader attended the training from the workshop director, deputy production manager and general manager. In the training, teacher Zhang led all the trainees into a simulated enterprise through sand table simulation training. the trainees set up several departments in groups. around the visual sand table teaching aids, the actual combat drills simulated the operation and production management of the enterprise. the trainees improved their strategic management ability and realized the true meaning of management decision-making in the process of experiencing the success or failure of the simulated enterprise. After each round of operation, all the students sorted out the management ideas and found out the problems through the inventory and summary of the performance of the "company". Through many adjustment and improvement exercises, the comprehensive management quality was effectively improved.