Mr. Zhong Yunkun, vice president of Tongxiang Today, conducted business training for group correspondents.

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On July 19, in order to further improve the quality of Minglong Newspaper and the writing standard of Minglong correspondents, under the organization of the Party Committee Office of the Group, Zhong Yunkun, vice president of Tongxiang Today, conducted a business training for the correspondents of the Group in the multimedia room on the fifth floor of the holding company. Mr. Zhong carefully commented on the overall layout of Minglong Newspaper and fully affirmed the characteristics of lively layout, real content and clear positioning of the newspaper. At the same time, Mr. Zhong also pointed out that the newspaper still has some shortcomings, such as simple headlines, wrong names and positions, and too fancy layout. And from the way of writing, mining themes and other aspects, to the students carried out a detailed decomposition. The correspondents of each branch listened carefully and benefited a lot.