Zhou Chuxing, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Jiaxing Municipal People's Congress, and his party came to our group for investigation.

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Deputy Director Zhou Chuxing of Jiaxing Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee and his party, accompanied by Deputy Director Wen Jingen of Tongxiang Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, visited our group for investigation. Party Secretary and President Zhu Jianhua personally met and led Deputy Director Zhou Chuxing and his party to visit our group's party building service group and cultural product exhibition center, and watched the documentary "Leap" on the group's development process. During the conversation, President Zhu Jianhua reported in detail the progress of the group's party building and clean government culture construction in recent years, the operating status of the group's goals and the future development goals of the company, and put forward his own unique opinions and specific implementation measures for the party style and clean government construction work. Deputy Director Zhou Chuxing expressed his affirmation of this and encouraged enterprises to further implement the clean government construction work and enterprise development goals, and provide a strong guarantee for the future development of the enterprise.