Tongxiang City Two New Organizations Party Affairs Red Collar Training Course to Visit and Exchange Group

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On June 8, 2013, under the leadership of Fan Zhongwei, deputy director of the Organization Department of the Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee, more than 80 students from the two new organizations of Tongxiang City came to the group to visit and exchange. Visited the enterprise party and mass service center and product culture exhibition center, especially watched the group development history documentary "cross domain". Later, Minister Fan and his party had an exchange and study in the conference room. Party Secretary and President Zhu Jianhua shared his experience with everyone on the importance of the group's party building work. Zhu Jianhua said that it is necessary to correctly understand and attach importance to party building work, innovate the carrier of party building, let the soft project of party building work serve the economic development of the enterprise, give the employees of the enterprise a correct outlook on life and values, and have positive beliefs, so as to enhance the cohesion of the enterprise. Ten years of enterprises rely on operation, 100 years of enterprises rely on culture, the future of enterprises to become stronger and bigger, need to closely follow the party building and corporate culture. Finally, Minister Fan affirmed Minglong's party building and corporate culture, and expressed his appreciation for the correct understanding of enterprise leaders and the importance they attach to party building. At the same time, he hopes that all enterprises can contribute to the stable development of enterprises by correctly grasping the way of party building.