Deepening the Construction of Service-oriented Grass-roots Party Organizations in Zhejiang Province

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On March 2, the province's service-oriented grassroots party organization construction site promotion meeting was held in Jiashan. In the activities of pioneering and striving for excellence, Zhejiang Province has comprehensively carried out the construction of service-oriented grassroots party organizations. More than 1910,000 grassroots party organizations in the province have shifted their focus to service development, serving the people's livelihood, and serving the masses, and enhancing the service function of grassroots party organizations As an important task to promote the scientific work of grassroots party building, remarkable results have been achieved in boosting development, promoting harmony, benefiting people's livelihood, and improving organizational coverage. The meeting made arrangements for deepening the construction of service-oriented grass-roots party organizations, requiring all localities to pay more attention to theoretical and practical innovation, firmly establish the concept of helping development with service, increasing vitality with service, and improving people's satisfaction with service, and build a strong service team. refine service standards, build a good service platform, improve service mechanism, and improve service evaluation. We will solidly carry out the year of building grass-roots organizations, deepen party members and cadres to directly serve the masses, contact grass-roots mechanisms, and strengthen the construction of grass-roots basic service platforms. By the end of this year, all communities (neighborhood committees), parks at and above the county level, regional party organizations, and villages with a population of more than 2000 people in the province will have party member service stations; by 2014, we will focus on building a number of service-oriented grass-roots party organization demonstration groups with distinctive service characteristics. The meeting required all localities to conduct a comprehensive analysis of grassroots party organizations before the end of March, formulate standards, and classify and guide the construction of service-oriented grassroots party organizations. At the meeting, seven units including the Provincial Department of Land and Resources, Hangzhou City, and Jiashan County introduced the innovative practices of grassroots party organizations in serving the people.