Party Branch Party Member Evaluation Meeting of the Company

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On the afternoon of January 16, the party branch member evaluation meeting of the group head office was held in the multimedia room on the fifth floor of the holding company. The meeting was organized by Xu Guoping, secretary of the Party branch of the head office, and all 15 party members attended the meeting. Xu Guoping first read out the relevant documents on the requirements of party purity and interpreted them. Zhang Jianfang, deputy secretary of the party committee of the group, made a speech, strictly requiring the party branch of the head office to carry forward the advanced nature of party members and maintain the purity of party members. Then in 2012, the evaluation of party members in the party branch of the head office officially began. the evaluation process was divided into two parts: mutual evaluation and self-evaluation. each party member filled in the form based on the actual situation and summarized and summarized the basic situation of party members' life in 2012. everyone's serious summary and strict requirements were greatly affirmed by party branch secretary Xu Guoping and encouraged party members to set a good example as before while doing their job well.
On the afternoon of April 28, the launching ceremony of the women's quality improvement project for new residents of Yuxin Home in our city was held in Minglong Holding Group. Jiang Huiling, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and secretary of the political and legal committee, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech.
Jiang Huiling said that the new resident women's quality improvement project is an exploration of the Women's Federation's active participation in social management innovation this year, and it is also a key work project of the Women's Federation this year. She hopes that the new resident women will strengthen their studies, improve their quality, and make their due contributions to the economic development and social stability of Tongxiang, the second hometown.
At the launching ceremony, the villages, enterprises and schools that won the title of "Yuxin Home" were awarded. It is understood that the units awarded to Yuxin Home will serve as pilot units to carry out a series of rights protection services and education and training for new resident women throughout this year to help new resident women achieve their own improvement.