Company Party member red tourism

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On November 24 and 25, under the careful organization of the enterprise party Committee, all party members actively participated in the "shajiabang red tour. As a national patriotic education demonstration base, "Shajiabang" inherits Shajiabang red classics and has far-reaching educational significance. The event kicked off with a visit to the Shajiabang Scenic spot and watching the live performance of "Wisdom fight". The artistic essence of Chinese opera, accompanied by real-life performances and various special effects, truly reproduced the scene of Aqing's wife fighting the enemy with wisdom and courage. The indomitable, witty and heroic revolutionary spirit deeply infected the party members and comrades at the scene. The trip to Shajiabang and Nantong, a red historical picture, shows the atmosphere of social stability and harmony, sustained economic growth, and people's happiness and well-being in the beautiful and rich land of the Yangtze River Delta, which has effectively prompted party members and comrades to further play an advanced and exemplary role in their future work and maintain a positive working attitude.