Company middle and senior cadres competition speech conference

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In order to innovate the enterprise management mode, optimize the company's personnel system, and adhere to the talent concept of "educating, shaping and employing people", the conference of "public competition speech for middle and senior cadres of Minglong group" was held in the conference room on the first floor of the holding building this morning. The meeting was presided over by Guo Fengen, secretary of the party committee and assistant to the president, and Yao Weiping, secretary of the party committee and mayor of Tudian Town, was invited to attend. Administrative, logistics, warehouse and all party members attended the meeting. A total of 13 competition posts, 25 competitors from various departments and branches actively signed up to participate, with a total of 19 judges. For the first time, Minglong Group openly competed and selected talents in accordance with the principle of "openness, fairness and fairness". The whole selection process was carried out by designated staff to sell tickets and make statistics, and two scrutineers were set up to supervise the fairness of the competition. The speeches of the competitors were all enthusiastic and energetic, fully demonstrating the youthful charm and passionate fighting spirit of the younger generation of Minglong Group! Finally, President Zhu Jianhua and Yao Weiping, the mayor of Tudian Town, delivered speeches. They fully affirmed and supported the event and expressed their hope for the future development of such a fresh blood Minglong team!