Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Company

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On the afternoon of October 27, in the multimedia room of the holding building, Guo Fengen, deputy secretary of the party committee of the group, presided over a party class education with the theme of "party management and armed forces". The party class was presided over by Zhang Jianfang, deputy secretary of the party committee. All party members, probationary party members, Party activists participated in the party class. The course covers four major aspects: the history of militia development, the current international situation, the significance of the company's establishment of a militia company, and how to play its role as a militia. The illustrated explanation enables the party members present to have a deeper understanding of the militia and enhance their personal sense of responsibility and enthusiasm. In promoting the activities of pioneering and striving for excellence, Minglong Group has always adhered to monthly party class activities, which has a positive and good role in promoting the concept of enterprise organization, cohesion and combat effectiveness.