The national health unit acceptance team came to our company for review.

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On the morning of October 10, the national health unit acceptance team came to Tudian for reexamination. Qiu Xuiting, deputy director of Zhejiang Aiwei Association, Li Jinda, director of Jiaxing Aiwei Association, and other leaders accompanied by Wu Yunfeng, director of Tongxiang Aiwei Association, and Yu Liwen, chairman of Tudian Women's Federation, came to our company to give relevant guidance on the work of health units. Director Qiu and his party expressed their appreciation for the strong cultural atmosphere of our company during their visit to the enterprise. When learning that our company is striving to establish a Zhejiang provincial health unit, Director Qiu gave many constructive opinions and suggestions to our company's establishment activities, hoping that our company can continue to support the work of creating health and make unremitting efforts to create a good working environment.