Li Xinrong, Deputy Minister of Publicity Department of Tongxiang City, Jiang Juanfen, Vice Chairman of Women's Federation and other leaders came to our company to visit and guide us.

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On the afternoon of September 26, Li Xinrong, deputy director of the propaganda department of Tongxiang City, Jiang Juanfen, vice chairman of the Women's Federation, and other leaders, accompanied by Yu Liwen, chairman of the Women's Federation of Tudian Town, came to our company to guide and accept the establishment of the "Women's Civilization Post" in Jiaxing City. Minister Li and his entourage first visited the party building service group and the cultural product exhibition center, and then held a discussion and inspection in the multimedia conference room on the fifth floor. Assistant President Guo Fengen and Party Construction Instructor Zhang Jianfang made brief reports on the results of our company's founding activities respectively. Minister Li and Vice Chairman Jiang fully affirmed the founding situation and summarized and put forward the three major characteristics of our company's founding activities, which are valued by leaders, rich in activities and great achievements. At the same time, Minister Li also made an exploratory analysis on how to deepen the creation of women's civilized posts. He said that women's civilization is a mass spiritual civilization construction. The deepening and innovation of the creation activities must focus on the center, base on their own duties, and highlight the key points. While improving their own professional fields, further improving the spiritual outlook of the masses can truly and effectively create women's civilization