New in the field of structural foam core materials......

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StrucellThe rise of structural foam core materials and technologies means the birth of a new generation of international structural foam core materials.

 As a famous rubber and plastic molding foaming enterprise in China, Changzhou Tiansheng New Material Co., Ltd. has entered the field of structural foam core materials many years ago, integrating the technology and experience of the world's top experts. After several years of research and development and testing, it is the first to launch a domestic blankStrucellseries structural foam, accordingGLThe test results of the accreditation agency have reached the international advanced level, and have the ambition and momentum to exceed the international level.

Among the few structural foam core material manufacturers in the world, and its parent company Tiansheng New Material has its own technology center and global R & D team.It can provide products of various densities and different grades, as well as various post-processed products, including flat plates, contour plates, slotted plates, perforated plates and slotted perforated plates. StrucellGlobal product technology strategies and services have established a wide range of market service concepts, from shipping, wind energy, transportation, aerospace to industrial fields,StrucellActively provide value-added services for customers, according to user needs to customize various shapes of complete sets of core materials; assist customers to introduce complete sets of core materials, so that customers can speed up the production process, improve quality and reduce inventory and cutting waste.Committed to building long-term partnerships with customers,StrucellIt not only helps customers improve product performance, improve product quality, and effectively reduce costs, but also provides high-quality materials and various technical support services, including structural calculation, structural design and training, so as to truly become one of the world's strong structural foam core materials. Forest.