Minglong Company's Three-Year Goal Conference

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On June 25, the company held a three-year goal briefing in the conference room on the fifth floor of the holding building. The meeting was attended by the deputy general manager of the branch, the deputy head of the head office and above, and presided over by Guo Fengen, assistant to the president. At the meeting, President Zhu Jianhua carefully analyzed the current social situation and production, operation and sales situation faced by the company, and said that all employees should make concerted efforts to stick to the goal and find a breakthrough in adversity. And encourage leading cadres at all levels to play an exemplary and leading role, work hard to do a good job, and strengthen confidence to achieve our goals. The meeting gave a detailed briefing on the three-year goals of the head office and its branches, and the three-year plans of various functional departments of the head office. The meeting focused on clear work goals, inspiring, leading and promoting the healthy and rapid development of enterprises.