"Party Building in Non-Public Enterprises" Held a Symposium on the First Anniversary of its Publication

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On December 26, as the first national professional magazine for party building in the non-public field, the "Party Building in Non-Public Enterprises" jointly launched by the Non-Public Special Committee of the National Party Building Research Association and Zhejiang Daily Newspaper Group has its first anniversary. In order to better understand the needs of the audience, the magazine held a symposium in Hangzhou on the afternoon of December 23.
In the first year of its publication, the magazine "Party Building in Non-public Enterprises" has created a number of high-quality columns such as "Current Planning", "Secretary Round Table" and "I Be Secretary" around the theme of "Party Building in Non-public Areas". Public party building hotspots, focusing on the difficulties of non-public party building, have conducted in-depth excavation on topics such as the public election of "red CEO" in private enterprises and "party building standardization" in private enterprises. At the same time, the magazine also hosted the first national non-public enterprise "double strong 100 best party organization selection" activity, further expanding the social influence. The new version of China's non-public enterprise party building network created by the magazine has also recently been launched for party building workers in non-public areas across the country.