President Jiaxing TV interview program recording

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On February 23, the 7th Party Congress of Jiaxing City closed smoothly. Zhu Jianhua, Secretary of the Party committee and President of the company, was invited to participate in the interview of Jiaxing TV station's "please invite party representatives" column. The interview discussed the situation of party building in non-public enterprises. Zhu Jianhua said that in the current economic downturn and deflation, ideological education on party building is particularly important. Jiaxing Online, when talking about the current grassroots investigation under the leadership of the provincial party committee, Zhu Jianhua said: Although the investigation of leaders cannot solve all difficult problems, it can help understand what kind of help the company needs and how to effectively help the company. It is a kind of spiritual comfort for enterprises in trouble, which can give enterprises a strong spiritual pillar to tide over the difficulties. It is also hoped that the situation reflected by Ming Long will receive the attention and support of the Government.