The 13th Party Congress of Tongxiang City-Draw a Brand New Brilliant Picture

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The sun is shining, and there is a warm spring-like atmosphere everywhere in Tongxiang. The 13th Tongxiang City Congress of the Communist Party of China, which carries the hopes of more than 100 million Tongxiang people, will be grandly opened today.
Five years, in the long river of time, is only a short moment. Through the joint efforts of the people of the city, Tongxiang has written a brilliant chapter of scientific development in the past five years.
Today's Tongxiang, standing on a new starting line. In the common expectations of the city's party members, cadres and the masses, Tongxiang will unfold a new historical picture.
Democratically recommended and elected by 36000 Communist Party members in the city, 377 party member representatives from all towns (streets), systems, and fronts, shoulder the solemn and sacred mission, with the great trust of the people of the city, will jointly draw a grand blueprint for the development of Tongxiang in the next five years at the Party Congress.
This grand meeting is a very important meeting held under the new situation of Tongxiang's in-depth implementation of the scientific development concept, the full implementation of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", and the welcome of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.
The conference will hold high the great banner of Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thinking of the "Three Represents", thoroughly implement the scientific development concept, earnestly summarize the work of the past five years, determine the goals and main tasks for the next five years, and mobilize the broad masses of party members, cadres and the masses. "Comprehensively promote the construction of economic, political, cultural, social and ecological civilization, to build Tongxiang into a new industrial city in the Yangtze River Delta, China's top ten market cities, a world-renowned tourist city, a future Chinese cultural and creative city, and a leisure and health destination.
Recalling the past, full of passion; Show the future, time and tide wait for no man. The deputies said one after another that they would hold this party Congress well with a high sense of political responsibility and historical mission, with full political enthusiasm, enterprising image, and pragmatic work style, and carefully discuss practical matters, seek the overall situation, and offer good policies. to promote the sound and rapid economic and social development of Tongxiang.
Show the glory of the past
Five years of hard work, five years of spring and autumn.
The deputies deeply felt that the brilliant achievements over the past five years are not only the result of the strong leadership of the party committee at a higher level and the Tongxiang Municipal CPC Committee, but also the result of concern, support and emotional help from all walks of life at all levels. it is also the result of the unity, hard work, pioneering and enterprising work of the broad masses of cadres and masses in the city.
Looking back on the past five years, the municipal party committee and the municipal government have always put development in the first place, climbing and sprinting step by step, forging ahead again and again, leading the people of the city to unswervingly embark on the road of scientific development.
The data is the most convincing. It is estimated that by the end of 2011, the city's regional GDP will reach 47.3 billion billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 12.7 percent; the total fiscal revenue will be 6.67 billion billion yuan and the local general budget revenue will be 3.57 billion billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 19.7 percent and 22.6 percent respectively; and the regional GDP, total fiscal revenue and local general budget revenue will be 2.1 times, 2.5 times and 2.8 times that of 2006 respectively. In the first three quarters of this year, the per capita disposable income of urban residents in our city has reached 24781 yuan, and the per capita net cash income of farmers has reached 11606 yuan.
The grass-roots representatives undoubtedly felt the most deeply about the process and the changes in the Tao.
"Before the Spring Festival in 2007, the per capita annual income of villagers was 8000 or 9000 yuan, which will reach about 15000 yuan this year." Looking back, Gu Yuming, a municipal party representative and secretary of the party branch of Minlian Village in Shimen Town, was quite moved. He told reporters that without the good policies of the party and the environment of sound and rapid economic and social development, it would be very difficult for the Democratic Alliance Village to have such earth-shaking changes.
It is an indisputable fact that development depends on the people and that development benefits the people. Last year, Wang, a villager in Shanqiao Village, Longxiang Street, spent more than 90000 yuan in medical expenses for medical treatment. What she never expected was that the amount of reimbursement and other subsidies she received was more than 70000 yuan, which greatly eased her family's life pressure.
In this regard, Wu Shenghua, the municipal party representative and the dean of the Puyuan Health Center, said with a smile that this is the result of the construction of the new rural cooperative medical system and other medical security systems. With the increase of the reimbursement proportion and the total amount of reimbursement of the new rural cooperative medical system in recent years, the health of the people has also been guaranteed.
Representative Zhong Mingfu, who is already attending the party congress for the third time, said: "In the past five years, our Guihua Village has changed a lot, with complete infrastructure, public services in place, and effective long-term health management ...... The majority of villagers feel that the happiness index is constantly improving."
When talking about achievements, the deputies agreed that the key to building a well-off society that benefits the people of the city lies in the party. Over the past five years, our city has adhered to the principle that the party should manage the party and administer the party strictly, constantly promote the building of the party's ruling ability and advanced nature, and constantly improve the ability of party organizations at all levels to lead scientific and harmonious development.
On the road to prosperity, party members are brave enough to be the "leading geese" and lead the people to work together to grasp construction and seek development wholeheartedly; in the face of difficulties, party members can stand up and become a strong backing for the masses; on the track of development, party members unite their hearts and minds. Gathering strength is the backbone of the city's development. In Tongxiang, party organizations at all levels are writing a new chapter in party building.
With new hope
Seeking development should be in the present, and seeking breakthroughs should be in the present.
The convening of the city's 13th Party Congress is a summary, a plan, a hope, a pressure and more motivation. The next five years will be a critical period for comprehensively improving the level of industrialization, urbanization and marketization in our city, narrowing the gap with developed regions, and building a well-off society that benefits the people of the city in an all-round way.
"Reform is at the forefront, development performance is outstanding, social management is first-class, and the people are satisfied" is the city's overall goal in the next five years. Representatives from different industries and different positions gathered together as soon as they reported to the station to talk about their thoughts and discuss how to further promote the scientific development, innovative development and harmonious development of our city.
How to achieve this goal? "Only by emancipating the mind, constantly innovating, and daring to surpass, can we open up a new world and create greater brilliance; only with greater boldness of vision, higher standards, and faster speed can we promote a new round of leaping Development by leaps and bounds; only with the sense of urgency of'cannot afford to wait', the sense of crisis of'cannot be slow', the sense of responsibility of'cannot sit still ', overcome difficulties, forge ahead, dare to try, only in this way can we win opportunities, take the initiative and win the future in dealing with challenges." This is the common voice of the party representatives.
Many party representatives said bluntly that although great changes have taken place in Tongxiang in recent years, Tongxiang's mind can still be liberated, its courage should be greater, and its pace of development should be faster. The idea of "being complacent and full of small progress" can only become an invisible barrier to the development of Tongxiang.
Dare to jump high, and finally achieve the curve to surpass? This is not only the expectation of the higher party committee, but also the expectation of more than 100 million people in Tongxiang.
Representative Lu Youxing believes that the unique geographical advantages of the Yangtze River Delta have created a special position in the overall development of Tongxiang. How can Tongxiang's geographical, geographical, natural and human advantages be transformed into regional development advantages more, better and faster? We must look beyond Tongxiang to Tongxiang, plan Tongxiang's future development with a global perspective and strategic thinking, and reflect the new requirements of Tongxiang's development in adhering to the concept of scientific development, harmonious development and peaceful development.
"Compared with developed regions, Tongxiang is not strong enough in comprehensive competitiveness. In this context, to seek leapfrog development, we must strengthen planning, increase transformation and upgrading and policy support, and reflect characteristics and create advantages in competition. This is the inevitable choice for Tongxiang's development." In talking about ideas and seeking development, representative du Linqiang said: only with big money and big ideas can we achieve great leaps and bring about great development; only by forming large projects and large enterprises can we have large industries and large investments, and finally form great changes.
The deputies believed that our city should continue to be in the forefront, constantly improve the party's ability to lead scientific development, and solidly promote all kinds of work on the basis of consolidating the good development trend. In the spirit of reform and innovation, we should further strengthen the building of the party's ruling ability and advanced nature, comprehensively promote the building of the party's ideology, organization, style and system, and carry out in-depth the building of party style and clean government and the struggle against corruption, so as to provide a fundamental guarantee for building a well-off society in an all-round way.
The life of the country lies in the hearts of the people, and the hearts of the people lie in the people's livelihood. The issue of people's livelihood concerns the fundamental interests of the broad masses of the people, the overall situation of reform, development and stability, and the consolidation of the party's ruling foundation. Many representatives also expressed their aspirations: "In the next five years, the results of development should benefit the people more, and in particular, more attention should be paid to solving the hot and difficult issues that the people are generally concerned about, so that more people can share the fruits of development."
Writing a gorgeous chapter
The tide is washed away, wisdom is blended; the sea is flowing, and the true colors of heroes are revealed.
The city's thirteenth party congress stepped on the drumbeat of the times and sounded the clarion call of Tongxiang to work hard and innovate and develop.
To open the 13th Party Congress of the city with full political enthusiasm and lofty sense of mission is the ardent expectation of the higher Party committee for Tongxiang, the common aspiration of the party members, cadres and the people in Tongxiang, and the firm determination of every party representative.
The 377 deputies to the Party Congress elected this time are widely representative and advanced, and many of them are grass-roots party members from the front line of production and work. Party representative Qian Zhijing said that it is a very glorious thing to be elected as a representative of the municipal party congress. It is the trust of the party organization and the majority of party members. At the same time, he also feels that he has a great responsibility. As a member of the education front, he will definitely perform it seriously. Representative duties, open this party congress with full enthusiasm.
The convening of the 13th Municipal Party Congress will not only review and summarize the work since the 12th Municipal Party Congress, but also further clarify the goals and main tasks for the next five years, and elect the 13th Tongxiang Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Tongxiang Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection. The deputies deeply felt the great responsibility and expressed that they would conscientiously perform their duties in the spirit of being highly responsible to the party, the people, and history, and live up to the expectations of the party and the people.
In order to hold this party congress well and perform the sacred duties of party representatives, many representatives used their spare time to visit the grassroots before the meeting to listen to the voices of party members and the masses. Representative Zhong Mingfu said: "If you don't investigate and visit, you will have no right to speak. This time, in addition to the joint proposal on how to strengthen the village-level collective economy, there is also a suggestion on how to recruit party members in rural areas. I will put forward it at the conference."
Representative Chen Guoqiang said that the constraints of land, capital and other factors have become increasingly prominent, and the traditional industries related to Tongxiang have been in trouble. In this context, in order to seek better development and achieve greater leaps, we must accelerate the "retreat from two to three". The pace of improving the output rate, but the introduction of relevant policies must be more scientific, practical and operable.
"The responsibility is heavy and glorious, and the cause has a long way to go. As a municipal party representative, we must do our best to open this party congress." Speaking of this party congress, Cao Jiankui and other representatives said that they have the responsibility and obligation to bring up the aspirations and expectations of the most basic party members and the masses. After the meeting, they must also pass on the beautiful blueprint of the party congress plan to the grassroots party members in a timely manner. On the day of registration, many party representatives showed a strong sense of responsibility and mission. They said that they would bring back the spirit of this meeting, contribute to economic and social development, and make greater contributions to the realization of Tongxiang's leapfrog development.
From central cities to rural construction, from the economic field to the ideological front, from public utilities to livelihood projects ...... From the discussions and exchanges before the delegates, we saw the breaking of ideological barriers, the passion for advice and advice, and the ambition to seek common development.
Xiongguan ramandao, must be high song of triumph; the wind is surging, more need to cut through the waves. I believe that under the strong leadership of the Municipal Party Committee, the grand blueprint for the next five years will be realized as soon as possible; I believe that under the careful planning of the representatives, the future of Tongxiang will be better; I believe that under the unity and struggle of the people of the city, Tongxiang's tomorrow will be Will be more brilliant!