Director Shen Binglin of Tongxiang Science and Technology Bureau visited our company

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On the afternoon of the 3.27, Director Shen Binglin of Tongxiang Science and Technology Bureau personally led the leadership of the Science and Technology Bureau and its high-tech application department, agriculture and social development department, and intellectual property department to our company on patent applications, new product development, scientific and technological innovation, etc. Detailed research and special guidance. President Zhu Jianhua personally met with Director Shen and his party and made a truthful report on production and operation status and technological innovation. The company attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, and has set up a special group headed by Chief Financial Officer Xu Guoping, responsible for the overall planning and declaration of scientific and technological innovation and other work. Subsequently, the staff of the three major departments gave targeted counseling to the company. Finally, Director Shen made three summaries and requirements for the company's scientific and technological innovation work: 1. Minglong Company attaches great importance to high-tech innovation and takes measures in place; 2. The company can sort out various projects according to relevant policies and carefully compile materials. 3. The company should take a positive step to guide production technicians to devote themselves to the research and development and innovation of high-tech.