Minglong Group 2012 Promotional Film Shooting

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In order to further enhance the image and fully display the glorious history of Minglong, after careful planning, the Minglong Cultural Products Exhibition Center has been under intense construction since January 2012 and is expected to be put into use by the end of April. The center is located on the third floor of the holding, not only with high-quality decoration to reflect the subsidiary's key products, but also combined with high-end technology to show the strength of Minglong. After it is put into use, the core concept of people-oriented and friendly to others will be deepened. Starting from Wednesday, the shooting of large-scale theme promotional films with the theme of reflecting our company's advanced corporate culture and business philosophy will be carried out in an all-round way. This promotional film is based on the design concept of "Minglong Cultural Products Exhibition Center" on the third floor with elegant taste and outstanding excellence. It makes full use of lens images to show Minglong's more than 20 years of wind and rain in the form of documentary, highlighting the characteristics of Minglong, which combines historical essence and fashion quality. The production adopts a large number of special effects images and special effects sound synthesis, which is extremely artistic and visible. The majestic shooting technique enhances the artistic appeal, and will be another model of Ming Long's documentary after completion!