People-oriented to build a home together in Zhejiang Province, the chronicle of the construction of enterprise culture

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Corporate culture is the generalization and summary of the spiritual activities of the enterprise, and it is the spiritual wealth formed by the enterprise in the long-term development process to maintain the survival and prosperity of the enterprise. In recent years, enterprises in our province have made active explorations in this regard. More and more entrepreneurs have begun to realize that the core competitiveness of an enterprise is not just a product or service, but the charm of corporate culture. They are consciously taking the construction of excellent corporate culture as their own responsibility, so that the cultural construction of Zhejiang enterprises presents more and more bright spots. What is the soul of enterprise development? Is the enterprise culture

In Zhejiang, corporate culture is becoming an increasingly important part of achieving corporate development strategies.


At the just-concluded 7th International Logistics Festival, Shentong Express won the title of "Best Employer Enterprise in China's Logistics Industry in 2011. Speaking of this honor, President Xi Chunyang said that the most fortunate thing is that our company's "internal and external training" has been recognized, which shows that the construction of corporate culture has been effective.


In Shentong, "make you and me with your heart" is not only a slogan, but also closely linked with corporate culture and corporate vision and mission. "In modern enterprises, cultural construction is playing an increasingly important role. It is not embellishment, but an organic part of the enterprise's development strategy and a strong stamina for development." In Xi Chunyang's view, corporate culture is the source of endless power for the development of enterprises, which is very important to the survival and development of enterprises.


"For human health, offering sincere love" is the purpose of Zhejiang Kangenbei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Chairman Hu Jiqiang told reporters that at a time when some food and drug safety in society are in urgent need, corporate culture is particularly important, which can encourage enterprises and employees to continuously enhance their sense of mission and responsibility.


"Everyone in Cornbe knows that ensuring product quality is Cornbe's primary responsibility to meet consumers' needs for disease relief." Hu Jiqiang said that for many years, Kangenbei has insisted on treating every box of medicine as a responsibility and commitment to consumers, and has continuously used high-tech and modern management methods to continue to provide the public with high-quality products and services. The corporate culture of assuming social responsibility has become the DNA of the Kangenbei brand and has accumulated rich intangible assets for Kangenbei."

"Carefully build a cultural, international, and modern domestic first-class energy company, seek a'century-old Zhejiang energy' with development, and create a'harmonious Zhejiang energy' with culture" is the core of the provincial energy group's corporate culture. Through the "four forces in one" operation mode of leadership driving force, full participation force, individual consciousness force and system guarantee force, this exciting corporate culture is delivering continuous energy for the big energy strategy.

Without the guidance of strategy, corporate culture has no direction; without the support of culture, corporate strategy lacks soul.

Practice has made more and more companies realize that any corporate development strategy that leaves the local culture and the company's own culture is empty talk. In the fierce market competition, the strategic development of the enterprise is based on the all-round corporate culture of all members, and the organic and orderly combination of corporate culture and enterprise development is becoming the biggest magic weapon for enterprises to change from weak to strong.

What is the core of corporate culture? It boils down to one word: "people"

People, although the word is simple, but hit the floor.

Enterprises to achieve sound and rapid development, the people-oriented concept into the corporate culture is particularly important. "All management cannot be separated from people. The root of management lies in people." It has become the consensus of Zhejiang entrepreneurs. They say that corporate culture is a people-oriented culture.

People-oriented is to take the realization of good maintenance and development of the interests of the majority of employees as the starting point and end point of all work, and truly do a good job in the coordination and unity of enterprise-oriented and people-oriented.

In order to maximize the cultivation of talents suitable for their own corporate culture and inject vitality into the sustainable development of the company, Aokang Group strives to build the first corporate university without walls in China's shoe industry. Every employee can go to "his own university" Go to school. In the words of President Wang Zhentao: in an enterprise, as long as we grasp the "people", we have grasped the foundation of the survival and development of the enterprise, and also grasped the hope of the enterprise. Spending tens of millions of yuan to build this school is to improve the learning ability and competitiveness of employees. It is to cultivate more and more "champion" talents, and then let these "champion" talents cultivate more "champion" talents.

This coincides with the development concept of Chint Group. In this established 27-year-old private enterprise, learning is becoming the tireless pursuit of every employee.

In recent years, they have continuously increased investment in education, set up a special education and training department to be responsible for the training of the company's employees, and according to the different training needs and career planning differences of all kinds of employees, targeted to organize all kinds of basic training, professional training, deepening training and overseas training for employees, so that every employee can learn at work and grow up in learning.

A strong corporate culture has supported the continuous innovation and increasing competitiveness of Zhejiang enterprises; the creation of a harmonious environment has further improved the happiness index of employees, allowing more people to say from the bottom of their hearts "my company, my home".

"Make home feel better" is the corporate mission of Ningbo Fangtai Group. Home is not only the feeling that the household products manufactured bring to customers, but also the internal environment of the enterprise. They vigorously advocate the essence of Chinese traditional culture and implement humanized management. Since 2004, the company has organized an employee satisfaction survey every year, so that employees entering Fangtai is like entering their own warm home and can effectively express their demands. Since last year, the company has shared its profits with its employees. Of the annual net profit of more than 0.1 billion yuan, 5% belongs to all Fangtai people.

What is the effect of corporate culture? Deep integration with enterprise management, burst of great potential and strength

In the most difficult time of the enterprise, the pyramid "butterfly culture" model, which collected the wisdom of the cadres and workers of the whole company, helped "Kaixiya" to break the cocoon and rebirth.

From 2008, facing the difficulties of system transformation and the international financial crisis, to today's largest exporter of silkworm silk products in China, Zhejiang Kaixiya International Co., Ltd. has drawn an amazing rebound arc. Speaking of this experience, Chairman Li Jilin said that this is the positive energy generated by the integration of corporate culture guide and corporate management.

"It is the construction of corporate culture in line with the actual situation of the company, which defines the development direction, operation criteria and spiritual support of the company, forms the mainstream culture of Kaixiya people, promotes the transformation of concept, mechanism, system innovation and team construction, and promotes the development of Kaixiya brand culture." Li Jilin told reporters that at present, Kaixiya has been registered in more than 20 countries and regions, has a number of patents, and the export of brand products is favored internationally.

And it's not just Kahia that benefits. In that cold economic winter, employees of thousands of enterprises in Zhejiang never gave up, stuck to their posts, and even shouted the slogan of voluntary salary reduction to tide over the difficulties with enterprises. Here, corporate culture has been internalized into the value orientation of cohesion and has become an important force in enterprise management.

In Wanxiang Group, employees have a copy of "Wanxiang Culture", which records in detail the content of Wanxiang Group's corporate culture, including six parts: corporate purpose, corporate goals, corporate philosophy, corporate spirit, corporate ethics, and corporate style. The essence of a good business.

In recent years, the expansion of Wanxiang has been unprecedentedly enhanced, and people of different regions, nationalities and educational backgrounds have a common name-Wanxiang people. How to focus employees with different gradients on Wanxiang's unified goal, recognize and consciously follow Wanxiang's rules and regulations, Wanxiang's experience is in this small booklet. Lu Guanqiu, chairman of the board of directors, is an advocate of Wanxiang culture. He said that corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise and the centripetal force that unites employees to work together. It is intangible, but ultimately brings tangible value to the business.

Facing the mission entrusted by the times, Zhejiang enterprises will rethink, reintegrate, and upgrade their own culture, and continue to write new brilliance.