Jointly Grasp Safety, Build Harmonious Production

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In order to promote the healthy development of production safety training and implement the spirit of the documents "Detailed Rules for the Implementation of Production Safety Training Management in Zhejiang Province" and "Measures for the Administration of Production Safety Publicity, Education and Safety Training in Jiaxing City" issued by the Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau, our company has vigorously carried out safety education and training courses to implement the awareness of production safety in the hearts of every employee. At the same time, we have once again updated the course content, re-improved various rules and regulations and formulated new learning plans. The purpose is to make the important work of production safety deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and achieve a good atmosphere of everyone talking about safety. At present, this work has achieved initial results. I believe that as everyone understands the importance of safe production more and more deeply, it will make our company's future production have a new atmosphere.