Constructing the Long-term Mechanism of Inner-Party Care and Enhancing the Cohesion of the Party

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In order to further strengthen the legal education of employees and effectively enhance the legal awareness and legal concept of all employees, the company conducted a legal education on the "Public Security Management Punishment Law" and "Traffic Safety Law" on August 26. All front-line employees and logistics, The warehouse participated in this training and gained a lot
On the afternoon of August 16, under the organization of our party committee, all party members once again came to Nanhu Lake in Jiaxing, collectively visited the Expo Hall, a new venue of the Communist Party of China, and once again reviewed the collective oath to join the party. Although the sun is scorching, the enthusiasm of the party members has not subsided at all. The rich and colorful historical content in the museum and the novel and considerable scientific and technological facilities are properly matched and complement each other, which vividly reproduces the party building process and the development process of China.

This year marks the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. In order to further participate in the construction of a harmonious society, the company has learned to assume more social responsibilities and repay the society. On the morning of June 28, President Zhu Jianhua donated 1 million yuan to Minglong Party Member Care Special Fund at the unveiling ceremony of the company's Party Committee and Discipline Inspection Commission. The fund is mainly used for Party member care and assistance within the Party. The target of care is Party members within the town, so that Party members in difficulties can really get help and care and feel the warmth of the Party. The special fund is a non-profit special fund for public welfare, sympathy, and assistance within the party. It is mainly used to rescue old party members and party members in difficulties. The funds are implemented in special accounts, managed by special personnel, and strictly implemented audit supervision. Public

Selfless dedication is the glorious tradition of our party. In times of war, Party members charge ahead and retreat behind. In times of peace, Party members bear hardships first and enjoy later. Apart from the interests of the working class and the broadest masses of the people, the Party has no special interests of its own. At all times, it puts the interests of the masses first. However, party members are also a part of the masses. In the spirit of people-oriented, strengthening the care for party members is conducive to improving the overall level of party members, enhancing the cohesion of the party, and promoting inner-party harmony and social harmony. With the continuous deepening of reform and opening up, the characteristics of party members' ideological variability, diversity of interest needs, and differences in income distribution have become increasingly obvious, and the party's cohesion is facing new challenges.

The report of the Seventeenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China specifically pointed out: It is necessary to establish and improve the incentive, care, and assistance mechanism within the party, and care for and care for grassroots cadres, old party members, and party members in difficulties. Caring for party members is not only a concrete measure to implement the spirit of the 17th CPC National Congress, but also a basic requirement to implement the scientific concept of development and adhere to the people-oriented principle. Building a long-term mechanism of inner-party care is an urgent requirement for respecting the rights and interests of party members and implementing the dominant position of party members, the due responsibility of party organizations at all levels, and the premise and foundation for improving the combat effectiveness of party organizations. it is an important measure to enhance the cohesion of party organizations and stimulate the advanced nature of party members under the new situation.

We must continue to deepen the inner-party care mechanism, so that more party members can develop and progress together under the care and care of the party committee of our company, and make greater contributions in a broader field. Under the correct leadership of the Party committee at the upper level and the joint efforts of all Party members and employees of the company, the Party committee of the company has the confidence, determination and ambition to do a good job in the work of the enterprise. With a high sense of opportunity, a strong sense of mission and responsibility, the company has bravely shouldered heavy responsibilities and strived forward with a brand-new style, good style of work, excellent work and first-class performance, submit a satisfactory answer to the municipal party committee and the town party committee.