The people of Ju Township are united in singing red songs to the Party.

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To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the Propaganda Department of Tongxiang City, the Federation of Trade Unions, the Bureau of Culture and other departments jointly held a grand "Ju Xiang People's Heart to the Party" in Tongxiang Municipal Square on June 20, 2011. Our company is also honored to be one of the many chorus teams.

Since receiving the notice from the city on May 28, the company's president Zhu Jianhua has attached great importance to this activity. He personally went to the rehearsal site to cheer and cheer up the chorus members. This move made our chorus members confident and took 200% efforts to rehearse and rehearse conscientiously. The whole rehearsal lasted from May 28 to June 20, which took more than a month.

In the past month, we have rehearsed every 2 or 3 days. We have been very attentive and devoted to each rehearsal. We would rather sacrifice our personal time and arrange our own work. We all say that we have gained a lot from each rehearsal.

On the day of the performance, we were extremely excited, with a brand-new spirit, in the municipal square, to the people of Tongxiang City, to our great party, and successfully demonstrated the people of Minglong with a song "The Motherland Will Not Forget Me". The spirit and determination of unity and hard work, continuous progress, and dedication to the party were well received by the audience and the leaders present, the warm applause affirmed the results of our efforts over the past month. This is a special gift for the great party by Minglong people with their own songs and practical actions. We thank the motherland with our best wishes! Sincerely wish our great motherland prosperous and brilliant!