A Ship of Red China, All People Follow the Party-The Unveiling Ceremony of the Founding Meeting of the Party Committee and Discipline Inspection Commission of Ji Minglong Company

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On June 28, 2011, on the occasion of the 90th birthday of the Communist Party of China, the unveiling ceremony of the Party Committee and Discipline Inspection Commission of Minglong Holding Group was held in our company. Shen Haiming, deputy secretary of Tongxiang City, Jiang Huiling, secretary of the discipline Inspection Commission, Tang Yunliang, head of the Organization Department, and Chen Jianliang, secretary of the party committee of Tudian Town, were invited to attend and personally unveiled the company's party committee and discipline inspection commission. At the same time, Wu Limin, deputy director of the Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee Office and director of the Political Research Office, Yu Huimin, deputy director of the Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee Organization Department, and relevant leaders of the Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee Office, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, and the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee, as well as all the members of the town party committee, attended the unveiling ceremony.

Deputy Secretary Shen Haiming said in his speech: Under the leadership of President Zhu Jianhua, Minglong Holding Group has continued to develop and grow, and has gradually grown into a leading enterprise in Tudian Town and a backbone enterprise in Tongxiang City. As an enterprise with great influence and demonstration effect, Minglong's development and party building work have achieved remarkable results. The establishment of the company's party committee has been highly valued by the Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee and the Tudian Town Party Committee. The establishment of the party committee is a milestone in the development of Minglong Group, and it has also made its own contribution to the in-depth promotion of the party building work of the "two new" organizations to a new level. at the same time, it has played a very good exemplary role for the city's non-public enterprises to grasp party building.

President Zhu Jianhua said at the unveiling ceremony: The company's development and achievements are the result of the strong support of the higher-level party committee, the government, various relevant departments, and all sectors of society; it is the result of the company's cadres working hard and forging ahead; it is also the company The result of the majority of employees working together, working hard, and selfless dedication. On behalf of the company's party committee, President Zhu Jianhua expressed his high respect and heartfelt thanks to the leaders and friends at all levels who gave us cordial care, strong support and help!

The establishment of the company's Party committee and Discipline Inspection Commission fully reflects the care and trust of the municipal Party committee, the municipal government and the town Party committee and government to our company, as well as the affirmation of our party building work. We deeply feel the sacred responsibility and have a long way to go. We will take the establishment of the Party committee and the Discipline Inspection Commission as an opportunity to strengthen our faith, assess the situation, take the party building work as the top priority, let the party building culture take root in the enterprise, and truly achieve strong development and party building.

At the same time, the president also reported to the superior leaders the overall deployment of our company: our company will continue to adapt to the development situation, grasp the development opportunities, and strive to create passion, vitality and harmony in accordance with the enterprise spirit of people-oriented and friendly to others; adhere to the core development concept of "innovation in inheritance, development in innovation, growth in development, and promotion in growth"

Looking back on the 27 years of struggle, every Minglong person is deeply proud and inspired; looking forward to the bright future in the new era, we are excited and confident. The company will closely unite around the municipal party committee and municipal government and the town party committee and government, guided by the scientific development concept, standing at a new historical starting point, seeking truth and being pragmatic, pioneering and enterprising, working hard, and writing a new chapter of Minglong, in order to achieve the company The third five-year planning goal is to work hard and make new contributions to the economic development of Tongxiang!