The Staff's Own Sports Meeting -- The Second Staff Sports Meeting of Minglong Holding Group

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On the afternoon of April 30, 2011, all employees of Minglong Company were full of smiles. The stadium was very lively. Colorful flags, flowers, banners, and large arches made the stadium particularly beautiful. While celebrating May 1st Labor Day across the country At the same time, all employees of Minglong Company also celebrated the arrival of Labor Day in their own way. The second employee sports meeting of Minglong holding group was held in the company square. The athletes entered the stadium in turn with the athletes' march, the host's high and powerful explanation, and the oath of referees and athletes. Everything seemed so formal and orderly....

The competition events of this Games include tug-of-war, rope skipping, team walking, kangaroo jump, and 500-meter relay. A total of 210 athletes from 6 companies participated. The enthusiasm of employees to participate is very high. They use their off-duty time to practice repeatedly. It is to get good results in the sports meeting. The theme of the sports meeting is "friendship first, competition second". This activity is a big exhibition of the company's sports work and a big review of the construction of corporate culture.

The valiant posture, vigorous pace and confident smile embody the tenacious fighting spirit, resourcefulness and unity of the employees, because the workers are always the most lovely people.