Non-public enterprise party building in the first to strive for excellence in self-improvement

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Standing at the new starting point of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, facing the new goals of enterprise development, facing the new challenges of the domestic and foreign situation, combined with the actual situation of the enterprise, I would like to talk about three personal ideas on enterprise party building and pioneering work.

1. the advantages of party building is an inexhaustible driving force for the development of enterprises

In the tide of market economy, why should we, as non-public enterprises, focus on Party building and strive for excellence? There may be different understandings and views on this issue. Some people may think that non-public enterprises are mainly focusing on the benefits of business operations, and party building work is dispensable. It is a kind of retreat and form, and even a burden and redundancy for enterprises. However, I do not share this view.

first of all, as far as I am concerned, from an early age, I have cherished simple feelings for the communist party. My father is a member of the Communist Party. I have been influenced by my father since I was a child. Especially when I was a child, I often saw the ancestors of many Communist Party members charge in the front, enjoy the back, brave and good at fighting, and not afraid of sacrifice. Touching deeds. The glorious images of these Communist Party members deeply infected me. As I grew up, I grew up with the desire to become a Communist Party member when I grew up. I joined the enterprise in 1987, submitted an application for joining the party to the party organization the following year, and formally joined the Communist Party of China in 1990.

Secondly, from the history of the development of the Communist Party of China, it also gives me profound enlightenment: the party is established in the company and at the grassroots level through the branch, giving full play to the role of the party branch as a battle fortress, relying on a large number of outstanding party members to fight on the front line of the battle, and being willing to contribute. Only by giving full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of party members can our party overcome various difficulties and achieve one victory after another. it also fully embodies the cohesiveness, combat effectiveness, and vitality of our party's political advantages. We not only need to rely on the party's political advantages in the past war years, but also in today's new situation of developing socialist market economy, we still need to rely on the party's political advantages to promote the sustainable development of enterprises.

Third, the development of our enterprise has once again proved that party building is a strong support and driving force for the development of enterprises. For more than 20 years, whether it is the original township collective enterprises or the non-public enterprises after being transformed, the party building work has always been in the same boat with the enterprises, developing and growing together. The development of the enterprise closely relies on the cohesion and appeal of the party organization and the exemplary and leading role of party members, overcomes one difficulty after another, withstands the test of the market economy again and again, goes against the trend, and continues to grow and develop.

To sum up, the party building of non-public enterprises should be the self-cognition and conscious behavior of the enterprise, rather than an external constraint and additional burden. As Zheng Yumin, director of the Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Industry and Commerce, said when he came to our company to investigate: "Zhejiang's private enterprises are soaring dragons, and party building is the eyes on the dragon. Without these eyes, the whole dragon would not be able to take off. In today's fierce international competition, our private enterprises must form new competitive advantages. They must not only learn from foreign advanced management experience, but also inherit our own party building advantages accumulated in the war and construction years."


2. Innovation Is the Vitality of Party Building in Enterprises


In today's new situation of internationalization, marketization, and informatization, how to do a good job in party building in non-public enterprises and how to carry out pioneering activities is indeed a problem worthy of discussion and research. As Liang Qun, member of the standing Committee of the Jiaxing Municipal CPC Committee and director of the Public Security Bureau, said when he came to our company to investigate: "we should pay attention to the characteristics of pioneering and striving for excellence, seize the bull nose of economic development, speed up the adjustment of the industrial structure, promote the construction of the" two new "projects, and do a good job in maintaining social stability." In my opinion, the party building work in non-public enterprises cannot be based on party building, nor can it be dealt with graphically, nor can it just stop at simple meetings, study documents, read newspapers, and watch videos, let alone party building work and party members. The activities are arbitrary and boring, which is actually a contempt and weakening of party building work.

The party building work of non-public enterprises must conform to the laws and needs of the survival and development of enterprises, innovate the methods and methods of activities, enhance attractiveness and cohesion, and turn the party building work into the self-needs and conscious behavior of enterprises, party members and employees. Only in this way can there be vitality. The key to the work of party building in enterprises is how to make the construction of party organizations a strong support and strong guarantee for the development of enterprises. In the construction of enterprise party organizations, we draw lessons from the practice of building branches on companies in the war years to establish and improve the network framework of enterprise party organizations. The group company has set up a general party branch with six branch branches and a party group in the workshop. At the same time, party members with strong sense of responsibility and good ability are selected to serve as the leaders of the party branch, making the party branch a strong organizational guarantee for enterprise development and a bridge and link between enterprise leaders and employees, it has become a platform for uniting people's hearts and accumulating strength. The core of party building in enterprises is to train and motivate party members to play a pioneering and exemplary role in the development of enterprises. As Director Zheng said: "the first thing in the work of party building is to train a group of people with realm, pattern, and value orientation, turn the backbone into party members, and turn party members into models. Let party members and employees have the right to discuss and participate in the democratic management of the enterprise. Only with power can there be incentives, and only with incentives can there be motivation, so as to solve the problems of stability, creativity, execution, and coordination of the enterprise. Such a comprehensive originality The power has formed the basic driving force for the innovation and development of the entire enterprise." Improving the quality and realm of Party members is a prerequisite for giving full play to the role of Party members.

For a long time, the company attaches great importance to the education and training of Party members and employees, arranges the backbone of Party members to participate in the training of Zhejiang University, Fudan University, Jiangnan University and other universities, and signs a training agreement with Taiwan Jianfeng management school to train the personnel above the workshop director in batches. Earnestly formulate and implement the party member education and training activity plan, and each branch secretary will write his own speech in combination with the company's internal management, production, operation, safety, corporate culture and other contents, and take turns to give party lessons to all party members. at the same time, teachers from the Party School of Tongxiang Municipal CPC Committee are hired to attend party lessons in the company on a regular basis. In giving full play to the role of party members, the company attaches great importance to respecting the democratic rights of party members and encouraging party members to actively participate in the production, operation and management of enterprises. Party members have always insisted on attending meetings of cadres above the middle level of the company. The general party branch of the company has set the 25th of each month as the discussion day for party members to give ideas, ways and suggestions around the development and management of the enterprise. For example, in the party member's discussion day on August 25 this year, Shen Yulin, a party member of the plastic company, put forward a proposal to install a cooling machine in the calendering workshop, which was approved and adopted by the company's leaders. The installation was completed in 7 days, running well and being well received by the employees. It is necessary to make every party member realize that being a party member has both a sense of honor and a sense of responsibility. It is not only a kind of pressure, but also a kind of motivation. It is necessary to consciously accept the supervision of the masses. The company actively carries out the activities of revealing the identity and commitment of party members, requiring each party member to make a commitment in combination with his own duty and life pursuit, and strive to fulfill his promise. Each party member is listed on the post, and will promise to focus on the company's public column and individual on the post, and accept the supervision and evaluation of the party organization, party members and the masses. In daily work and life, the general party branch of the company requires party members to take the lead in starting from a small place and advocates "six points": go to work earlier, leave work later, do more things, take the lead in work, pay more attention to colleagues, and build more civilized new styles. Setting up a model, commending the advanced, and demonstration orientation are the boosters to create a good party building atmosphere and enterprise spirit. The general party branch of the company selects and commends outstanding party members every year. Among party members and party activists, the best expert competition and appraisal activities are carried out around "the best quality expert, the best operation expert, the best saving expert and the best tackling key expert. In the work of party building in enterprises, it is necessary to be both pragmatic and pragmatic, combining the virtual and the real, and promoting the real with the virtual. The form in the work of party building in enterprises is necessary, but the form must be innovative and the content must be realistic.

Over the past few years, the company has continuously innovated and enriched the form and content of party members' activities. Every year, the company organizes party members and village farming party members to hold village-enterprise networking activities, and regularly organizes party members to visit Jiaxing Nanhu, Anhui Jixi, Jiangsu Huaxi Village and other places. It not only receives revolutionary traditional education, but also feels the major changes in the reform and development of the motherland, which enhances the attractiveness and cohesion of the party organization.


It is our unremitting efforts to develop a strong 3. and build a strong party.


Do a good job of enterprise party building work and pioneering activities, what has brought to the enterprise? For this question, I would like to use some of my own personal experience to answer.

First of all, the company can develop rapidly and continuously no matter in adversity or when it is smooth. From a small township factory more than 20 years ago, the company has developed into a comprehensive holding group company integrating textiles, plastics, clothing, building materials, trade and investment, with 1268 employees and total assets of 0.36 billion yuan. The total industrial output value will reach 0.48 billion yuan in 2010. These achievements, thanks to the enterprise party building work spawned by the results.

Secondly, the effective party building work has further improved the quality of the team and the spiritual realm of party members and employees, united the hearts of the people, stabilized the team, and provided a strong organizational guarantee and spiritual motivation for the development of the enterprise. Over the years, the company has not skipped a slot above the middle level, and the company's workforce is relatively stable. As Comrade Mao Zedong said, people should have a little spirit. Indeed, people live in the world not only for money, but also need a spiritual pillar to embody a kind of life values. The higher the spiritual realm of people, the more advanced their thoughts and behaviors. Such as a heavy snow in the winter of 2007, the workshop warehouse snow is very thick, if not take rescue measures, there is a danger of collapse at any time. At this critical juncture, the employees were very active and brave. They all rushed to fight. On the one hand, they went in and used wood to resist, and on the other hand, they went up to clean up the snow. Afterwards, I found that almost all the people who went up were Communists. At this time, I really feel how important party building work is! Party building work over the past few years has indeed not been done in vain. For another example, it is also very difficult for the company to implement 5S management. It is very difficult to change one's behavior habits at once. We implemented and implemented the "three major disciplines and eight points of attention" as Mao Zedong did. We held a party member conference in time, requiring each party member to take the lead with organizational guarantee. As a result, under the leadership of party members, 5S management has been successfully promoted in the company for more than a year, this makes me deeply feel how important it is for Party members to demonstrate and take the lead.

Third, using the platform of the party organization has built a good bridge and link for the coordination and communication between the company and party members and employees, between the government and enterprises, and between society and enterprises. As Director Zheng pointed out: "If an enterprise wants to achieve the goal of strong development, strong party building, and" double strength ", it must rely on the dual structure, dual organization, and dual advantages of modern enterprise system and strengthening the construction of party organizations, which not only forms the market. Competitiveness, but also has the power of social harmony, is not only the main body of the market, economic machine, but also the main body of social citizens and harmony." For example, Lu Yan, an outstanding party member of the warp knitting company, as a younger generation, under the influence of our company's strong party building atmosphere, actively adjusted the relationship with her mother-in-law, successfully resolved the contradictions between neighbors, and spread it among neighbors. Another example is Zhu Haiping, an old member of the import and export company, whether it is demolition disputes, brother conflicts or rural medical reform, she always uses the sense of responsibility of a party member to communicate and take the lead. It expands the company's party building work to a broader sense of social harmony.

No matter how severe the market economy will face in the future development of the company, the party building work will face the challenges of the new situation, new situation and new changes. We firmly believe that "as long as the process is solid, the result will be wonderful!", It is our unremitting efforts to develop and build a strong party.