A firm belief in the development of our cause

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Instructor: President Zhu Jianhua

The Relationship between 1. Private Enterprises and Party Construction


First, the Party will always guide the direction of our cause. It has been 90 years since the Communist Party was born on July 1, 1921. In the past 90 years, for the sake of faith and ideal, the Communist Party has led the people of the whole country and a group of people with lofty ideals and beliefs, experienced difficulties and twists and turns again and again, made countless sacrifices, and finally turned the old China into a new China. The feudal dynasty was overthrown, and the people were truly the masters of the country, with status, a living and working environment in peace and contentment, and today's reform and opening up.

Especially in the 33 years of reform and opening up, China's economy has developed rapidly, and various undertakings have undergone great changes. From the nature of state-owned, collective, national, and town-run before the reform and opening up, it has become private private ownership through restructuring, and a large number of employees have transferred to the ranks of private enterprises. and a considerable number of people with brains, ideas, ability, sense of mission, faith have become the backbone and boss of private enterprises. So far, the number of private enterprises has reached 39.5 million (the total number of enterprises in the country is only 43 million), with private enterprises accounting for 92% and the 0.78 billion number of employees in the country, but only 63 million state-owned enterprises and 91.8 private enterprises. From the above data, it can be reflected how important the education of this team and the construction of the party are.

Second: the development of private enterprises has been unprecedented challenges. Entering a new period of development, due to the changing nature of the enterprise and personnel structure, new challenges and new difficulties have been encountered in the development process. The market is becoming more and more cruel, more and more competitors, fewer and fewer resources, and various conditions for development are also restricted to varying degrees. Zheng Yumin, director of the Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Industry and Commerce, said: "although private enterprises are not big profit makers, 500 private enterprises are not as profitable as the profits of two state-owned enterprises, but they reflect more social functions. If there are no private enterprises to provide more than 700 million jobs, how can society achieve and achieve harmony, and state-owned enterprises enjoy national resources and are some policies that private enterprises cannot get, so private enterprises are great, there is no private enterprise is not." Director Zheng compared private enterprises to water, state-owned enterprises to wine, and private enterprises to pure mineral water, the water of social harmony, the water of social livelihood, the water of international reputation, and the water of life in the hearts of every common people.

The results of reform and opening up rely on the partyOnly under the leadership of the Party have a group of peasant entrepreneurs who dare to work, dare to break through and endure hardships. If a person, an organization or a country has no faith, it is very dangerous. Therefore, the Central Committee now attaches great importance to the party building work of private enterprises. At the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the party constitution has been proposed and revised. The bosses of private enterprises can join the party, and there are clear requirements. Party organizations at all levels should attach importance to the party building work of private enterprises, and the coverage rate of Party branches reaches 100.


2. grasping party building is good for our enterprises.


First, the mode of building a branch on the company is a model worth learning from and learning from in the process of enterprise development and management. Why was the Communist Party able to defeat the Kuomintang? Because the Communist Party is the people's army, and this group of people were originally social idlers and the vast number of poor peasants, it was through the three major disciplines and the eight points of attention that this group of people became the people's regular army and won the people's support and support, which was the magic weapon for defeating the Kuomintang. The same is true for enterprises. The Organization Department of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee responded to the call of the central government and required all private enterprises, joint-stock enterprises, and foreign-invested enterprises to establish branches. Among them, there is a Japanese wholly foreign-owned enterprise, because there are only a dozen party members among hundreds of employees. An instructor went to serve as secretary and established a branch, but the Japanese boss did not pay any attention to it, saying that the Communist Party read newspapers and read documents, there is no arrangement for the secretary's office and the work is not supported. Later, the production task was tight, there was no time to hand in the bill, and it was the National Day holiday. The boss was usually very stingy with his employees, so no employee was willing to work overtime. At that time, the boss was at a loss. When the secretary learned about this situation, he took the initiative to find a way to convene a party member conference, gather these more than a dozen party members, use this opportunity to play the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, and require each party member to obey the arrangement of the party organization. Each party member does not rest and works overtime to complete the task. After this incident, the Japanese boss said to the secretary, "You are still a Communist, can I join the party? From then on, he attached great importance to the work of the party branch, gave the secretary's office, gave funds for party members' activities, and made the party members' activities sound and colorful. Some time ago, Zhejiang market guide reported on the "branch building mode" of Minglong company. This is a kind of encouragement and affirmation from the outside world. However, we should continue to deepen and summarize our work, not arrogant or impatient, and go to the next level.

Second: There should be different ways to grasp party building in different periods. In the past, I sat together for a meeting, read newspapers and documents, and went back with a day's work. As usual, some people came and arrived very well. However, with the development of society, people's thinking is also changing. A new form should be used to grasp party building and education, which should meet the needs of today's society and engage in some creative activities. In the past, it was necessary to set up pacesetters and learn heroes, such as learning heroes in the 1950 s and Lei Feng, an advanced figure in the 1960 s. In the 1970 s, industry learned Daqing and agriculture learned Dazhai, which were both the needs of the times and very correct. After the reform and opening up, our party has also used a lot of brains, and has also established many advanced images, such as Kong Fansen, Niu Yuru, Ren Changxia, and so on. It has indeed played a strong response in society, and has also affected and achieved a generation. Now it is also a way to create the first and strive for excellence. Our company did achieve some innovative ways in this work last year. Such as Party members' promises, bright promises, fulfilling promises and evaluating promises; Party members' identities, post images, golden idea projects, face-to-face party members, red tourism, etc. are all innovations and ways of work, such as introducing advanced models through our Minglong newspaper publicity, making statements at meetings, etc. In the future, we will mobilize every party member to put forward golden ideas, not only in the development of the enterprise, but also in the way of party members' activities, and so on. As long as it is conducive to the development of the enterprise, we will adopt it, and we will promote our company to move forward well and quickly.

Third: We must pay attention to exploring the education methods for employees, children, especially the rich second generation with good family conditions. The society has developed and the economy has become rich, but our education methods have lagged behind. You see, there are now several parents who are willing to send their children to hard places for training and production workshops to work. Those who endure hardships are left to themselves and those who enjoy happiness are left to their children. Do you think this kind of education mode can make children become talents. Take the current rich second generation for example, how many can take over and start a business? I think very few! In the 33 years since the reform and opening up, only 10% of the first generation of peasant entrepreneurs have survived, but most of these people have reached the age of 50-60. In another 15-20 years, this group of people will basically reach the age of rarity and can no longer work. By this time, the success of the rich second generation is still a question mark. At that time, it can be said to be a major turning point. If an enterprise is not successful, it will only face bankruptcy and shutdown. The consequences can be imagined!


3. to be an enterprise with faith and mission.


First, grasping party building can enhance people's ideological realm and pattern. Although grasping party building cannot solve the problem of production costs, let alone the problem of power cuts, grasping party building can stimulate a person's enthusiasm for work and improve a person's enthusiasm for work. It can train an ordinary employee who has no ideas into a thoughtful, A backbone and leader with ideals and beliefs. If a person has faith and goals, I believe your success has taken the first step. But they have no faith, no goal, success is a talk.

In order to transform and upgrade our private enterprises and upgrade in all aspects, we must persist in making progress. Therefore, grasping party building can also enable a person to have beliefs and goals, and enable a person to become a value-oriented person, which is very beneficial.

Second, grasping party building can stimulate people's spiritual motivation and passion for work and improve people's quality. Let me summarize below. By grasping the party building, employees can generate six spirits:

(I) Passionate Aspirity: Meeting DifficultDare to be the first in the world, always burn a loyal fire, and maintain a high-spirited spirit. Passion and vigor are not physical but psychological, so atmosphere is needed.


(II) indomitable courage: in the face of setbacks should not retreat, do not give up because of pain, do not hear others laugh, sarcastic words, harsh words, to dare to challenge and face difficulties.

(III) the confidence of accumulated strength: confidence is a necessary condition for seeking great things, daring to do things, and getting things done. It is good at hunting for new knowledge, improving the ability to control various complex situations, dialogue with knowledge in books, and dialogue with wise people in communication. This is an important way to learn.

(IV) the talent to solve difficult problems: "No talent without virtue is a defective product", "No virtue is a dangerous product", "virtue is a qualified product" can gather the wisdom and energy of others is also a manifestation of talent.

(V) the ambition of continuous self-improvement: to be open, to do things that predecessors dare not do, and others want to do things that have not been done.

(VI) a virtuous atmosphere: have a big vision, a big belly, a big spirit and a big mind. To have personality charm, don't care about some trivial things, what leaders need is obedience. To have the ability and mind to persuade and conquer oneself, and to be able to avoid one's shortcomings, this is the wisdom of a leader.

Third: To do a good job in party building, we can use this platform to handle and coordinate various relationships. It is a bridge and a link.

First, it can handle the relationship between government and enterprise; second, it can coordinate and handle the relationship between social enterprises; third, it can handle the relationship between employees and bosses; fourth, it can handle the relationship between family, society and government; fifth, it can handle the relationship between family and mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

In short, it is very necessary for private enterprises to grasp party building and attach importance to party building. Private enterprises are a dragon, and party building is the two eyes of the dragon. If we lose two eyes, we will lose our direction. Our private enterprises are not simple people, but follow the Communist Party. People with a mission are people who benefit the people. An enterprise is not only an economic organization, but also a social organization. It is an economic organization under the socialist market economy under the leadership of the Communist Party. Finally, I still want to repeat this passage. Party building cannot reduce labor costs, let alone solve power cuts, but party building can solve the realm and pattern of entrepreneurs and teams. Therefore, the party is strong and develops.


February 18, 2011