Make every effort to build a healthy corporate employee culture

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On February 16, 2011, the leading group for the establishment of the "Top Ten" enterprise employee culture construction demonstration unit in Jiaxing City, accompanied by the relevant leaders of the Tongxiang City Federation of Trade Unions and the Party Committee of Tudian Town, came to our company to inspect and accept the establishment of the work. Guo Fengen, assistant to the president of the company, and Chen Xixin, chairman of the trade union, received and led a visit to the party-mass service center and the corporate image development power center. Later, the leading group in the multimedia room on the fifth floor watched the company's party building feature film and enterprise image film, and listened to the special report on the creation work of trade union chairman Chen Xixin. After listening to the report, Minister Yang of the Publicity Department of the Jiaxing Federation of Trade Unions said: "Minglong Company's overall development plan for the construction of corporate culture and the embodiment of the core values of the company are in place. This is mainly due to the attention of the company's leaders and the accumulation of valuable experience on the road of enterprise development year by year. It is a very effective measure to take the construction of enterprise culture as an important carrier to unite people's hearts, inspire spirit and develop economy. In the development strategy goal, the party and mass organizations have done a lot of basic work, which has promoted the construction of corporate culture, and the rich and active development shows that the cultural construction of enterprise employees is the most cohesive and a very effective way to let employees understand, recognize and identify, and enhance employees' awareness of taking the company as their home. Through all aspects of construction, Minglong Company has promoted the harmonious development of the enterprise, which has played a good role in promoting the cultural construction of employees, and gradually developed into cultural management and cultural management in the transformation management of the enterprise. Minglong's bold innovation and bold practice have set a good banner in the construction of corporate culture."

To be able to continue to play a good role in the development process, to carry out training and summary on the existing basis, to promote the enterprise to become an evergreen tree, a century-old enterprise, to pass on the enterprise spirit well, and to make more contributions to the local economic development, especially in the process of inheritance, to build more own characteristics, to form a unique brand culture, broad vision, broad-minded, is the characteristics of Minglong Company, tongxiang itself is a city with deep cultural heritage. Minister Yang hopes that Minglong can make good use of this platform, make good use of this foundation, provide more experience, build more good corporate culture construction units, and focus on the theme of corporate development and integrate corporate culture into corporate operations., In management, through systems and measures to implement, let employees speak the truth, do real things, and achieve the harmonious, rapid and healthy development of the enterprise.


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