Show Century Style, Yang Ming Dragon Prosperity

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In the selection of Jiaxing civilized units in 2010, our company was among them. We are very proud of winning this honor. What has made the extraordinary achievement of "Minglong Holding Group"? President Zhu Jianhua said, "Minglong" is always thinking about a question, what else can an enterprise do besides creating material civilization for the society? "I tell my employees, 'Minglong' should not only be the leader of getting rich, but also the pioneer of social civilization."

It is precisely with such a sense of corporate citizenship that "Minglong" has gradually stepped into a virtuous circle of development: it was rated as a civilized unit in Tongxiang City in 2009, was awarded the title of a civilized unit in Jiaxing City in 2010, and was selected as a leader in the transformation and upgrading of 100 enterprises in 2010. Minglong is on the list; and through the establishment of civilized units, Minglong has created a reliable image of integrity and continues to grow bigger and stronger in the market competition.
A sample of enterprises in a harmonious society

"Many people say that society is a big dye vat, and the interpersonal relationship is very complicated, but after arriving at Minglong, I feel that the company is more like a home, people-oriented, and friendly to every corner of the human body." Liu Dandan from Xiayi, Henan, wrote in the internal publication of "Minglong. And this is what we hear most in "Ming Long.
"Minglong" has more than 1200 employees, 40% of whom come from 12 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) and 9 ethnic groups. "We have never had a fight here." Shen Zhouhu, assistant to the president of the President's Office, told us that no matter where they come from or which nationality they come from, everyone is "Minglong people".
Indeed, "Ming Long" also strives to make every employee feel at home. As you can see, "Minglong" staff apartment on the edge of the enterprise, divided into single rooms and suites, are decorated in accordance with the requirements of three-star. "Each person only needs to pay a nominal monthly utility bill to stay." Shen Zhouhu, assistant to the president of the company, said that there are now more than 100 people living in the apartment, and we are also actively renovating and upgrading the existing dormitory. This is another measure taken by the company to improve the accommodation conditions of employees.
Walking in Minglong, I have a deep feeling that in "Minglong", the party organization, industrial youth women and other group organizations are very complete, and it is very convenient to find support for anything. "Our company attaches great importance to the construction of party building. We implement the'all-in-one card' system for party members, and there are party member discussion days every month." Guo fengen, assistant to the president, told us, "party members should uniformly implement the promise of party members and show their cards. they are required to play a vanguard and exemplary role in both work and life, and are supervised by the employees of the whole company. "Everyone is like twisting into a rope and making progress together." Now "Minglong" company is actively striving for the establishment of a party committee. There are currently 74 party members and more than 30 employees have submitted applications for joining the party.

Return to society is the spirit of conversion

"As long as the process is solid, the results will be wonderful." Zhu Jianhua, the helm of "Minglong", believes that to make the society harmonious and civilized, there is no more than teaching and educating people. Therefore, Minglong, with a deep educational complex, paired with Hangzhou Normal University in May 2009 to provide internships and jobs for college students. Now many students have shown their skills in our company.

Minglong supports the construction of a new countryside. In order to facilitate the travel of the masses, Tudian Town implemented the Kangzhuang Project and built a village-level road with a total length of more than 10 kilometers. The General Party Branch took the lead in donating 250000. The General Party Branch of Tudian Town donated more than 800,000 yuan in the installation of street lamps, river banks, bridges, sluices and living square projects.

Tudian Town took the lead in setting up Tudian Branch of the Municipal Charity Federation in 13 towns and streets of the city. The Party General Branch did not hesitate to contribute 150000 yuan to the naming fund of Tudian Branch of the Municipal Charity Federation and 1 million yuan to the naming fund of Tongxiang Charity Federation.

The graduates of this year will become the pillars of building their hometown and revitalizing the country. The improvement of traffic roads in their hometown and the improvement of people's lives are the greatest return to society and the final spiritual conversion of "Minglong" development.

Being selected as a civilized unit in Jiaxing is not only an affirmation of our work, but also a kind of pressure. Next, we will continue to work hard, with the joint efforts of all Minglong people, keep pace with the times, constantly meet challenges, and move towards the goal of a provincial civilized unit.