Firm confidence, scientific development, continue to maintain the good trend of Minglong company against the trend of rising

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Theme: firm confidence, scientific development, continue to maintain the good trend of Minglong company against the trend of rising
President Zhu Jianhua's Speech at the Company's 2010 Work Summary Conference

On January 26, 2011, in the multi-functional conference hall of the head office, Minglong Company's annual meeting to summarize, commend and deploy the 2011 work was successfully held. This is a manifestation of the company's corporate culture. All employees gathered together to summarize the achievements of the past year, which is a manifestation of cohesion and centripetal force.

In September this year, the company successfully registered and upgraded to Minglong Holding Group Co., Ltd., which means that the company's scale and strength have been a great leap forward. The company's personnel are constantly increasing and its influence is constantly expanding. How to correctly handle the problems and contradictions in the development of the company is the key to Minglong's take-off. President Zhu Jianhua made a keynote work report:

The first aspect: review of work in 2010
In the face of policy changes, power rationing measures, rising raw materials, rising prices and labor costs, the company is experiencing severe challenges in its business model and management methods. However, we should also be pleased to see that under the unified leadership of the head office, each branch actively responded to the difficulties, adjusted its thinking and countermeasures, and was not knocked down by the difficulties. All of us Minglong's ability to resist pressure and risk has once again been well tested.

First, the company's economy is developing steadily. In the face of various difficulties and pressures, through the joint efforts of all employees of the company, the company completed the total sales 0.48 billion in 2010. This figure shows that Minglong Company has withstood the unfavorable factors of all parties and achieved remarkable results in sales performance, which is worthy of pride! In particular, the three positioning measures of each branch have been initially implemented. After the first zero breakthrough in foreign trade sales in 2007, after more than three years of continuous efforts, foreign trade sales of nearly 30 million US dollars have been completed in 2010, realizing the situation of both domestic and foreign sales.

Second, the company has paid close attention to management, actively rectified various internal problems and inventory backlog contradictions, introduced a number of effective new policies, and further improved various management systems.

Third, the first to strive for excellence, the party building company has achieved remarkable results. Since the beginning of the factory, Minglong Company has attached great importance to the work of party building. Ideological work is not superficial, but the cornerstone of a company. It can effectively enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the company's employees and provide a strong post-driving force for the development of the company.

Fourth, upgrade and improve the living environment of employees. In the coming year, the company has worked hard to create a good working and living environment for employees through various channels. It should be said that Minglong's hardware facilities have been quite perfect, creating first-class conditions for better work.

Fifth, the company's safety work has been greatly improved. In 2010, all kinds of safety accidents in the company decreased significantly, which is the result of everyone's joint efforts, the embodiment of all kinds of safety education in the company, and the best performance of improving employees' safety awareness. It is hoped that in the new year, we can continue to strengthen the prevention and supervision of safety accidents, and strive to achieve zero accidents.

The second aspect: the problems existing in the work in 2010
Only by constantly summing up can we make continuous progress. All aspects of the company are in rapid development, timely summary and discovery of problems, for the company's long-term stable development has a vital role. President Zhu Jianhua focused on summarizing some outstanding problems existing in the company:

First, employee turnover remains a permanent constraint on the company's output and quality.
Second, the executive power of the company's middle-level management cadres needs to be further strengthened.
Third, the overall quality of salespeople is not high enough, and big customers and big markets are relatively scarce. In terms of finding stable and excellent partners, we still need to broaden our thinking.

The third aspect: deployment of 2011 work objectives
Minglong people have always believed that as long as the process is solid, the results will be wonderful. Premier Wen said: "Confidence is more important than gold." As long as everyone has confidence, our goals will definitely be exceeded! For the transformation of management, the president put forward three requirements: the business philosophy needs to change from extensive management to professional management, product sales should change from a single demand to lock in customer demand, and the working state should change from negative maintenance to positive promotion.

First, in terms of sales. Minglong Group strives to achieve its sales target in 2011, ensuring 0.56 billion yuan (including tax) and striving to reach 0.632 billion yuan (including tax).

Second, we must focus on the "six business cards" to carry out various tasks and strive to reach a new level. Everyone is required to carefully analyze the six business cards, and strive to find new breakthroughs in view of the new annual assessment agreement and the actual situation of each branch. Don't make excuses, but actively find reasons. Each branch has its own breakthrough. As long as you find the right opportunity, you will be able to reach a new high.

Third, new breakthroughs have been made in party building and ideological and political work. Continue to do a good job in corporate culture and party building, and maintain the company's bright spot. The company spirit of "people-oriented and friendly to others" will never change. Ideological work is not superficial and cannot be directly displayed, but ideological work is the foundation. Only with a solid foundation can the work be solid, and we must unremittingly do a good job in corporate culture and party building.

Fourth, ensure new increases in wages and benefits. With the continuous growth of the company, we are also gradually introducing various new policies to ensure that employee benefits are further improved, so that Minglong people can truly regard Minglong as their home and strive to create better performance for Minglong's tomorrow.

Fifth, increase internal management and continue to create a good team atmosphere. In the work, we must communicate in time, coordinate all kinds of work, think in one place, and work hard in one place to build our team into an indestructible battle fortress.

There should be new goals in the New Year, and no matter how high the goals are, they should exceed them. President Zhu Jianhua hopes that after the meeting, all branches and departments will act quickly, do solid work, unite as one, and strive to make new improvements in various work, new breakthroughs in production and quality, and new improvements in sales performance next year. In order to complete the various targets issued by the head office in 2011, a satisfactory answer sheet will be delivered.