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-President Zhu Jianhua of the company visited Henan employees during the Spring Festival.

February 4, 2011 is the second day of the Lunar New Year, and it is also the day when the president's "Henan trip" New Year's greeting group leaves. President Zhu Jianhua led Zhu Aiping, vice president and general manager of warp knitting company, Guo Fengen, assistant president and other ten people to Yucheng, Henan Province, to pay a four-day New Year visit to six outstanding employees from Henan Province. On the morning of the departure day, President Zhu Jianhua was enthusiastic, dressed in new clothes, and carefully prepared 2 silk gifts and 1 red envelope with Tongxiang characteristics for all employees. He led the company leaders to Henan to begin the New Year's greeting trip for employees.

Since President Zhu Jianhua became the director of Tongxiang Flocking Factory in 1990, after 8 years of exploration and innovation, he determined that the key to the development of the enterprise lies in "people", and put forward "people-oriented, friendly to others" as the spirit of enterprise. This is Minglong's constant pursuit goal along the way, which has never been changed. At present, Minglong holding group has become a large-scale enterprise with seven branches, with more than 1200 employees. However, no matter how the enterprise develops and how tortuous the road is, the group adheres to the concept of "people-oriented". It makes the whole group harmonious and consistent, and constantly promotes the long-term development of the company.

This trip to Henan is a very important item in President Zhu Jianhua's 2010 personal work plan, and he himself attaches great importance to it. Henan became the first stop of the president's visit because as of 2010, among the company's front-line employees, Henan had the largest number of employees, including many outstanding employees. Zhu Jianhua said: "The significance of the Henan trip lies not only in visits, but also in interaction. The scale of the company continues to expand. Employees must truly feel that Minglong is a big family and melting pot. Living and working in Minglong is something to be happy and proud!"

Due to limited time, the leaders made careful arrangements for the route. The employees visited were: Guo Fei and Wang Jingzhen, employees of the plastic company; Liu Dandan and Wu Lanxia, employees of warp knitting company; Zhang Pan and Yang Xueli, employees of Kibu Company. These six employees are all front-line employees in the workshop. They come from the same place and come to Minglong Company with the same dream. Through their own efforts and efforts, they have made achievements in their respective posts, proved themselves and realized their life value. Before departure, President Zhu Jianhua repeatedly stressed: absolutely can not receive any form of gifts from the family members of employees, let alone allow employees to be extravagant and wasteful in reception. In spite of this, as soon as they arrived in Yucheng, the family members of the staff warmly welcomed the members of the company's New year group and took out local peanuts, desserts, fried pastries and other specialties to entertain the company leaders. The president and other leaders had a cordial conversation with the employees' families. The simplicity of the employees and their families deeply moved the company's leaders. When the employees' families kept thanking Minglong Company, President Zhu Jianhua said: I should thank you, because your strong support makes them feel at ease to work in Minglong Company. It is because of their diligence and wisdom that the company can continue to grow and develop. Finally, the company leaders personally delivered the prepared condolences and red envelopes to the employees' families to express their sincere gratitude.

When the New Year greeting group visited the home of outstanding employee Liu Dandan, it was learned that it was his cousin's big day. In order not to cause unnecessary trouble to the company's leaders, she did not mention a word before. President Zhu Jianhua said: On such a festive day, we will experience the marriage customs of the Central Plains! Therefore, under the introduction of Liu Dandan and his family, the leaders visited the local wedding hall ceremony together, and shared the wedding banquet with all relatives and friends. They really felt the long history and culture of the Central Plains and the different customs and habits of different regions.

In the home of outstanding employee Zhang Pan, relatives talked enthusiastically with the company leaders in an authentic eastern Henan accent. The president inquired about Zhang Pan's family in detail and affirmed Zhang Pan's work performance. He said: Zhang Pan, as an old employee who has worked in Minglong Company for nearly 7 years, should be said to have grown up with Minglong. It is precisely because of such serious and responsible excellent old employees that Minglong can have a good trend of stable development.
Every time he visits a family, the president always does not forget to take a photo with the staff and tells the CEO to print the photo one by one and send it back to the staff's family as a souvenir.

The last stop of the company's New Year's greetings is Lankao County, Henan Province. Lankao is the place where Comrade Jiao Yulu fought and sacrificed his life, and is the birthplace of Jiao Yulu's spirit. In order to cherish the memory of the martyrs and deeply feel the red education, after a cordial meeting with assistant president Guo Fengen and his family, president Zhu Jianhua and his party also specially visited Jiao Yulu Memorial Park. President Zhu Jianhua said that Jiao Yulu is a good cadre of the party and a good leader of the people. In the past, we needed such leading cadres. Now we also need such good party members and leading cadres to be an enterprise.

Minglong Company has been inseparable from the support and assistance of the general party branch. At present, the company has 75 party members, distributed in workshops, administration, logistics and other positions, playing an important role in the development of Minglong. As a veteran party member, President Zhu Jianhua has a profound and unique understanding of the development of party building in enterprises. He always insists on grasping party building, promoting harmony, combining party building work with the development of enterprises, and achieving the goal of strong party building and development. Zhu Jianhua has always firmly believed that Communist Party members have faith, pattern and good comprehensive quality. On the basis of enterprise education, enterprise talents are more positive and strive hard. He said: Maybe the party building work can not bring immediate benefits to the enterprise, but from a long-term perspective, it can create a just and upward team for the enterprise. This is a kind of spiritual outlook cultivation and an important way to improve the quality of the enterprise. This short red trip also made him feel the precious spirit of his predecessors more deeply, and said that he would bring this spirit back to Minglong and carry it forward.

Henan trip is a short but memorable trip. After returning to the company, the leaders have made a serious summary and analysis, and have expressed that they will continue to organize similar visits in the future to promote harmony within the company and achieve continuous development and harmony. aims.

In February 2011, according to the statistics of relevant departments of Jiaxing City, the current labor shortage in Jiaxing reached 68000 people. The labor shortage in 2011 has become a pain in the hearts of various enterprises. However, the return rate of our company this year reached 97% at the beginning of the eighth day of the month, with a small staff gap. The president was also very gratified by the concerted efforts of everyone. "Ming Long is a big family, we welcome you home!" The president said happily.