Six "Battle Fortresses"

Insist on doing: The development of the unit is in the first place, the love of the job and the work is in the first place, the emergency is difficult and dangerous, the new style of civilization is in the first place, and the dedication to the society is in the first place.


adhere to the performance: Dingnuo-Liangnuo-Juno-Commentary on Nuo


The Party branch of the head office promises to be a first-class pacesetter, create first-class performance and build a first-class team.


The first branch of the warp knitting company promises to be honest and do things in good faith.


Party branch of kibu company promises-to grasp the party building and build a first-class team; Promote development and create first-class performance


New materials company party branch commitment-attitude determines everything, details determine success or failure


The second branch of the warp knitting company promises-reasonable requirements are exercise and unreasonable requirements are training.


Party branch of the militia company promises to establish the concept of armed forces and devote itself to enterprise construction