Dormitory safety and health inspection

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On the morning of July 23, a safety and health inspection was carried out on the dormitory of the group staff under the organization of the group administration department.Inspection Team PairDormitoryPossible security risks have been carefully investigated,Health issues were examined,At the same time of inspection, the inspection team requiresEmployeeEnhance safety awareness, prohibit the use of high-power electrical appliances,Prohibit the use of gas bottles,Consciously maintain dormitory safety,Keep the room clean.For fans, door locks, curtains and other problems, the administrative department also said that it would arrange personnel to repair them in time.This dormitoryHygieneThe overall situation of the general inspection is satisfactory, but stillButIndividual dormitoryThere are dirty, messy, poor and other problems, the administrative department willSupervise related dormitories for rectification,Next, there will be irregular inspections,Make sureAll employeesHave a safe and comfortable living environment.