Party member Jinggangshan Red Tour

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6Month10On July 1, one of the three-day "two studies and one doing" learning and education of the Party Committee of Minglong Group, the "Welcome July 1" Jinggangshan Red Tour kicked off. This red tour is an activity organized by the party committee of the group for all party members to go out to study and visit, and it is also one of the important contents of "two learning and one doing. The group's party committee also fellowship with Haixing Village, Tudian Town, and the village leaders and party members of Haixing Village also participated in this activity. This study and education arrangement visited the Beishan Martyrs Cemetery in Jinggangshan, Huangyangjie, Jinggangshan Museum, etc. Party members visited the memorial hall, monument, Baizhuyuan and other scenic spots, as well as the old residence of Dajing Zhumao and the old residence of Mao Zedong in Ciping. They not only learned about the history of the revolution, felt the red mark of the revolutionary resort, but also experienced the scenery of nature.President Zhu JianhuaRe-mobilize the work of "two studies and one doing", and require each branch and each party member to carry out the study and education of "two studies and one doing" according to the arrangement of the party committee, work hard, pay close attention to it, and truly grasp the party's ideological and political construction. Daily, strict in regular!