Party Committee, Two Studies and One Work Started

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On June 3, Zhang Jianfang, deputy secretary of the party committee and party building instructor of Minglong Group, organized branch secretaries to hold a "two studies and one doing" work deployment meeting in the conference room on the fifth floor. At the meeting, Secretary Zhang explained and publicized the "two studies and one doing" work,andSpecific arrangements have been made for the work of "two learning and one doing", that is, before "July 1", party school teachers are invited to carry out a party class guidance and education activity with "two learning and one doing" as the main content, and at the same time organize party members to go out for red tourism. and earnestly do a good job in the "three ones", that is, take the branch as a unit to organize party members to do a good thing, visit an old party member, pay a party membership fee. Party members go out for red tourism activities with the theme of "visiting, learning, and education", act in a unified manner, listen to commands, and feel the spirit of Jinggangshan, the cradle of the Chinese revolution. During this period, we will also carry out a keynote speech on "I am a member of the Communist Party" to encourage party members to express their feelings for the party and praise the great, glorious and correct Communist Party of China from different angles.

At the meeting, two books, the "Regulations on the Protection of the Rights of Party Members of the Communist Party of China" and the "Reading Book of General Secretary Xi Jinping's Series of Important Speeches," were also distributed, allowing each party member to study and study, earnestly understand the spirit, and implement the righteousness into practical work.