Top Ten Media Hot Discussion on "Party Member's Day" of Minglong Company"

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Recently, the characteristic practice of the "Party member Pioneer Day" in Tongxiang City has been affirmed and instructed by Comrade Cai Qi, member of the standing Committee of the Provincial CPC Committee and minister of organization, and has become a hot spot for provincial and municipal media to report. The "Party member discussion Day" of Zhejiang Minglong holding Company under the jurisdiction of Tudian has become a hot topic for major media to report. On August 25, Zhejiang Satellite TV, Zhejiang Daily, Zhejiang Voice and other ten major media formed an interview group to focus on Tongxiang and publicize and report on the "Party member discussion Day" activities of Zhejiang Minglong holding Group.
On August 25, Zhu Jianhua, president of Zhejiang Minglong holding Group, came to the conference room as usual to participate in the "Party member discussion Day" to make a decision for the development of the enterprise and answer questions for the interests of employees. The board of directors and party members' representatives "face to face" should not only listen to some opinions and suggestions that are conducive to the development of the enterprise and the benefit of the employees, but also listen to the employees to complain and complain.
"Listening to the voices of employees and solving some of the company's development and issues that concern the immediate interests of employees is a tenet of the company's 'Party Member Deliver Day', and as things stand, this activity has a positive meaning. Employees have ideas, and as long as they are in line with the rules and regulations and are in the interests of the business and employees, we will try to do it well." Chairman Zhu Jianhua said sincerely.
Minglong company has 1268 employees and 43 party members. In recent years, Minglong company has been focusing on the overall idea of "focusing on the development of the company, grasping the party building, and promoting the development of the company", and constantly grasping the party building work, and has achieved certain results, in 2008 and 2009, the company was successively awarded the honorary titles of Tongxiang, Jiaxing grass-roots advanced party organizations, grass-roots party organizations "two innovation" pioneer, five good demonstration party organizations and so on. Especially since the beginning of this year, the company has been hired as one of the "entrepreneurial practice bases" by the "two new" organization party building guidance station in Tudian Town. To this end, Minglong combined with the Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee's pioneering activities to strive for excellence, and closely focused on the theme of "concentric, co-creation, and sharing" to carry out the "Party Member Discussion Day" activity. The discussion day activities are divided into five activities: "education and learning, party member service commitment, best expert evaluation, golden idea project, and face-to-face dialogue between the board of directors and party representatives.
Through the party member discussion day activities, the majority of party members, cadres and employees strive for excellence, which effectively stimulates the spirit of ownership of employees and actively makes suggestions for the development of the enterprise. Only the "golden idea" of packaging improvement for employees can save the company about 90000 yuan per year. Through the face-to-face discussion between the board of directors and the representatives of party members, Minglong Company fully felt the core role of the party organization in the development of the enterprise, stimulated the cohesion, centripetal force, and creativity of the majority of party members, cadres and employees, and harmonized the relationship between the various management departments within the enterprise. The strong atmosphere of learning to catch up with and surpass has brought huge benefits to the enterprise. At the same time, the company is also actively creating a more secure mechanism for the welfare of employees.
From "Tongxiang Private Economic Network"