IDP into Tongxiang enterprise culture innovation carrier

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"Since the establishment of the corporate image development power center (IDP), employees' sense of identity with the enterprise has become stronger and stronger." Yesterday (May 27) afternoon, Guo Fengen, director of the Human Resources Department of Zhejiang Minglong Holdings Co., Ltd., told reporters that in Tongxiang enterprises, cultural construction is becoming as important a development goal as production and operation.
It is understood that Tongxiang recently conducted a special survey on the construction of corporate culture in more than 50 enterprises in the city. The results show that a total of 35 enterprise leaders believe that "the construction of corporate culture is very important", while 85% of the enterprise leaders said that the annual investment in cultural construction is more than 100000 yuan, and some even exceed 500000 yuan. "The three major projects of image (Identity), development (Development) and power (Power) are becoming the innovative content of Tongxiang corporate culture construction." Tongxiang enterprise culture special research group responsible person said.
"Minglong Holdings Co., Ltd. has more than 1200 employees, of which foreign employees account for the majority." Guo Fengen said that since the company was transformed in 1998, in order to enhance the identity of foreign employees to the company, improve the overall quality and core competitiveness, the company has been promoting the construction of corporate culture in line with its own characteristics. Since last year, the company has successively built IDP exhibition hall, enterprise party school, book reading room, gym, basketball court and other facilities, so that employees have the opportunity of education, training and entertainment after work, so that the enterprise has become a platform for employees and enterprises to develop and improve together.
"The construction of corporate culture in Tongxiang has gone through a process from form to content, from quantitative change to qualitative change." The person in charge of the research group said that around 2005, a considerable number of enterprises thought that "cultural construction does not matter to the development of enterprises" and "has little effect". On average, each enterprise invests only about 26000 yuan in cultural construction every year. Many enterprises buy a few books, set up a reading room, and buy a few pairs of table tennis rackets. With the improvement of enterprise consciousness, its understanding of enterprise culture construction is also deepening.
The survey shows that at present, most enterprise leaders in Tongxiang believe that after the enterprise reaches a certain scale, the failure of cultural construction will affect the further development of the enterprise. The larger the scale, the higher the importance of culture; 85% of the enterprises invest more than 100000 yuan in cultural construction every year. Among them, more than 70% of enterprises have established gymnasiums, basketball courts and other cultural and sports venues, 85% of enterprises have blackboard newspapers, publicity boards, etc., many enterprises have compiled and printed internal publications, publicity albums, etc., and more than 30 enterprises have established Websites and forums use new media to promote and strengthen internal communication.
Since June 2009, in order to further strengthen the construction of corporate culture and enhance the development of soft power, Tongxiang has promoted the construction of corporate image development power center in the city on the basis of the pilot projects of Minglong Holdings Co., Ltd. and Xinfengming Group.
"The corporate image development power center is abbreviated as IDP. I, D and P are the first letters of Identity (identity, personality), Development (development, progress), Production (production) and Power (strength, ability) respectively, representing the three major projects of image, development and power." The relevant person in charge of the research group said that compared with the traditional corporate culture construction with the organization of cultural and sports activities as the main content, IDP construction is based on employees, builds a publicity platform within the enterprise, creates a humanistic care atmosphere, and gives full play to the enthusiasm and creativity of all employees. Make the company's goals and beliefs become the common pursuit of every company employee, thereby forming strong creativity and vitality, and promoting the continuous development of the company.