The Group Held a Business Analysis Meeting in June

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7Month15DayIn the afternoon, the groupThe business analysis meeting will be held in the training center on the first floor in June,Workshop DirectorAboveManagementPersonnelThe supervision team attended the meeting. First of all, Deputy Finance Director Li Xu reported to the Group.The financial data for June, and pointed out the problems such as irregular use of raw materials, followedThe workshop director, vice president of operation, vice president of production and warehouse supervisor of each branch reported to their branches respectively.In June, the heads of various functional departments made a data analysis report on the situation of their own departments, and thenThe leaders of the supervision teams reportedIn June, when listening to the report, xu teacher pointed out the main problems existing in each company. Finally, President Zhu Jianhua put forward two requirements: one is to pay attention to the quality of products; the other is to do a good job in service.