Top Ten Media Focus on Tongxiang "Party Member Pioneer Day"

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Recently, the characteristic practice of the "Party member Pioneer Day" in Tongxiang City has been affirmed and instructed by Comrade Cai Qi, member of the standing Committee of the Provincial CPC Committee and minister of organization, and has become a hot spot for provincial and municipal media to report. On August 25, Zhejiang Satellite TV, Zhejiang Daily, Zhejiang Voice and other ten major media formed an interview group to focus on Tongxiang and publicize the development of the "Party member Pioneer Day" in Tongxiang City.
According to statistics from the Organization Department of the Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee, as of June this year, the city has established 352 "two new" organizations with 5645 party members. The "two new" organizations are widely distributed in all walks of life and various fields, and their influence on the economy and society is increasing, and they have become an important part of the party's ruling foundation. Because the organizational relationship of some party members is inconsistent with their work units and places of residence, they feel inconvenient when participating in the organizational life of party members. How to break the traditional method of education and management of Party members according to organizational relations, integrate the resources of Party building work, and ensure the implementation of the rights and obligations of Party members? The Organization Department of the Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee has made a bold exploration.
In the special publicity and reporting activities, the interview team listened to the background, main practices and effects of the Tongxiang City Party Member Pioneer Day activities, and conducted inquiries and exchanges on related issues. Subsequently, the interview team came to Tudian Minglong Holding Co., Ltd., Shimen Town Rural Party Member Entrepreneurship and New Technology Promotion Association, and Yangjiamen Community in Wutong Street to learn about the development of Party members' "Discussion Day", "Innovation Day" and "Volunteer Day. In Minglong Holdings Co., Ltd., the interview team attended the company's "board of directors and party member representatives face-to-face" event; in Shimen Town, media reporters participated in the chrysanthemum cultivation technology training lecture organized by the Rural Party Member Entrepreneurship New Technology Association, and went to the chrysanthemum base For a field visit, I deeply felt the help and role of party members in helping farmers to create wealth; in Yangjiamen community, the media and his party had a face-to-face exchange with party members and volunteers to discuss the development of volunteer day activities and their personal experience of serving the residents.