Group Donated Clothes to Offer Love Activities

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To further promote the traditional virtues of helping the poor and helping the needy and being benevolent,December5at noon,Under the organization and planning of the Party Committee Office of the Group, a clothing donation activity was carried out in the training center on the first floor. The activity was supported by all party members and employees and donated one after another.warm clothing,Just a few days to raise down jacket, cotton-padded jacket, sweaterWaiting for warm clothes200For the rest, everyone said: "I sincerely hope that these warm winter clothes can be delivered to the friends who need them most as soon as possible, so that they can feel a warmth in the cold winter". For each donor, it may be only a meager force, but it representsMing LongA person's social responsibility and dedication. The development of this activity has carried forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation helping each other and strengthenedAllemployee's charity consciousness, but also highlightsMing LongHarmonious development of the good style, set up aMing LongA good social image with strong feelings and meaning. We believe that love will not stop, warmth will be passed on forever!