Tongxiang more than 2500 "hidden party members" bright identity

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Li Li, a party member of a fur trading company in chongfu town, often goes to the town's party building service guidance center to study and exercise with the red notebook of "smart card" (hereinafter referred to as "smart card") co-managed by the party member area. Through the regional co-management mechanism, the party building positions of towns, administrative villages, communities, and companies are opened to card-holding party members every day, effectively solving the problem of low sharing of party building resources. It is understood that at present, more than 2500 party members in Tongxiang City have taken the initiative to apply for the "all-in-one Card" and accepted regional co-management, with a total of more than 5000 party members in education and training.
According to statistics from the Organization Department of the Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee, as of June this year, the city has established 352 "two new" organizations with 5645 party members. The "two new" organizations are widely distributed in all walks of life and various fields, and their influence on the economy and society is increasing, and they have become an important part of the party's ruling foundation. Because the organizational relationship of some party members is inconsistent with their work units and places of residence, they feel inconvenient when participating in the organizational life of party members. How to break the traditional method of education and management of Party members according to organizational relations, integrate the resources of Party building work, and ensure the implementation of the rights and obligations of Party members? The Organization Department of the Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee has made a bold exploration.
In view of the current situation of strong mobility in the region of party members, at the beginning of this year, the Organization Department of the Municipal CPC Committee established a regional co-management system for party members, that is, resource sharing, education, vanguard co-creation, and joint evaluation of party members. the co-management authority, the rights and obligations of party members enjoyed by party organizations and party organizations in co-management units are clearly defined, and the "all-in-card" is issued. Six party members of Zhejiang Jianmin Filter Materials Co., Ltd. whose organizational relationship is not in the enterprise have become the first batch of party members in Jiaxing who benefit from the "all-in-one card" system. Party member Pan Jiansheng's organizational relationship is in Yuxi Community, Chongfu Town. In the past, the company's party branch carried out activities, and he could only be a bystander. "Now with the" One Card ", I can also participate in various activities organized by the company's party branch." Pan Jiansheng, who has been a party member for 35 years, is very excited about this. The "One Card" records in detail the name of the party member, the branch where the party member is located, the time and place of the party member's activity, and the form of the activity.
"The implementation of the" All-in-One Card "has enabled a large number of'mobile party members and hidden party members' to show their identities in the three places where the organizational relationship is located, the work unit, and the residential community, so that party members whose organizational relationship is inconsistent with the work unit and the place of residence can participate in the party nearby. Organizational life." Hong Yilong, member of the Party Committee of Tudian Town, said with emotion. The town integrates the town's large-scale enterprises, professional cooperatives and agricultural bases, as a base for party members' entrepreneurial practice, so that party members holding the "all-in-one Card" can visit and practice nearby. Zhang Jinbiao, a veteran party member of Zhejiang Xinminglong holding Group Co., Ltd., is from Rongxing Village. Now as long as he has free time, he will take part in the activities carried out by enterprises and village party organizations with the "all-in-one Card", thus enhancing the sense of responsibility of party members. According to incomplete statistics, the "all-in-one Card" system has so far covered more than 250 "two new" party organizations in the city.