Zhejiang Minglong Holding Group Casting Soul with "Party Building"

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Bailing Environmental Protection Network News: Minglong Holding Group already has a number of holding companies with employees reachingMore than 700 people,2015Annual main business sales of nearly7Billion yuan, profit tax3000More than ten thousand. From1984From the beginning of Tongxiang County Weft Knitting Factory in30After years of development, Minglong Holding Group has now become a diversified group-type private enterprise involving textiles, building materials, trade, investment and finance.

Minglong holding group can achieve such achievements, there is a work can not be ignored, that is, the party building work. Some people may ask why a private enterprise should attach importance to party building.What does this have to do with the actual development of the company??In fact, this private enterprise is using party building to cast the soul of the enterprise.

"Although party building cannot directly bring economic benefits to the enterprise, it will definitely bring intangible positive energy to the enterprise. If the party building work is done, it can indirectly obtain the productivity that the enterprise needs." Zhu Jianhua, secretary of the party committee and president of the group, explained this way.

from the very beginning, the enterprise has always attached importance to the role of party building in reality. Later, inIn 2008, the general party branch was established and the party is being built.90The anniversary2011In, the Party Committee and the Commission for Discipline Inspection were established, and6A party branch, now has100Many party members have formed a complete and systematic party system.

Minglong Holding Group has indeed come up with a lot of characteristic party building activities. For example, product innovation, management innovation concept as the core, and focus on breaking through the form of shackles and open up thinking."Minglong lecture hall", "Party member discussion day" activities around the theme of "working together to create and share", the selection of "the most beautiful Minglong people" focusing on moral quality and professionalism, party class education and national defense education, etc. These activities are the best interpretation of "grasping the united front, uniting people's hearts, and pooling strength.

In the strong atmosphere of party building, Minglong Holding Group also formed a simple and honestThe requirements of "six ones for party members" are: to be more civilized and fresh, to take the lead in work, to do more, to leave work later, to go to work earlier, and to pay more attention to colleagues.

Party building work can really train an enterprise's temperament and bring a steady stream of positive energy. When the Super Typhoon Fitter struck, the company was affected to varying degrees in many places, but the company quickly organized personnel and corporate militias to save themselves at the first time to minimize losses. This is unity and unity. The spirit of embodiment.

The group is also committed to giving back to the society, successively supporting the construction of new countryside, building village-level roads, installing street lamps, building river banks, building bridges, building sluices, building living squares, and donating money from the Communist Party of China for earthquake relief.1.75 million yuan;Support village, town, city charity has contributed123On the basis of 10,000 yuan, and establish a special fund for the care of party members.100Ten thousand yuan;Cutoff2013Donations to primary and secondary schools in Tudian in20Yu Wan also subsidized dozens of poor college students, which shows the spirit of dedication. The soul cast by the party building is reflected in these details.

Local media said that Minglong Holding Group is sticking to it."Red sample" and commented on its party building work: "A red cohesion that cannot be underestimated is pushing Minglong to a better tomorrow and realizing his own Minglong dream." In practice, under the new soul cast by the party building, Minglong Holding Group advocates the foundation of "people-oriented and friendly to others". It not only pursues its own Minglong dream, but also strives to be an example of the Chinese dream and move towards a better tomorrow.