Jiaxing Online Interview Group President Zhu Jianhua

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Zhu Jianhua, male, born in July 1962, member of the Communist Party of China, bachelor degree, senior economist. He is currently serving as President and Party Secretary of Zhejiang Minglong Holding Group Co., Ltd., Senior Economist. Since 1991, representatives of the National People's Congress of Tudian Town; the Ninth Standing Committee of Tongxiang City Federation of Industry and Commerce and Tongxiang City General Chamber of Commerce; Executive Vice President of Tudian Branch of Tongxiang City Individual Association and Private Association; Seventh Party Representative of Jiaxing City; Tenth Vice Chairman and Vice Chairman of Tongxiang City Federation of Industry and Commerce (General Chamber of Commerce).

From the township-run weft knitting factory in 1985 to the Minglong Holding Group, which has an output value of hundreds of millions today, Zhu Jianhua has always stuck to his post, turning huge pressure into a powerful driving force for unremitting progress, constantly innovating and reforming, and making good use of talents. After more than 20 years of wind and rain, Minglong has developed into a group company with seven subsidiaries, involving textiles, light box cloth, industrial mesh cloth, woolen sweaters, finance and other fields, and has created a party building culture and corporate culture with unique Minglong characteristics. In the economic environment in recent years, the development of Minglong has always been on the rise.

In 2012, Zhu Jianhua put forward the six goals of "Ming Long Dream" with the theme of "two innovations" in product innovation and management innovation. It is not only a highland for pioneering and striving for excellence, a pioneer in economic development, a stage for entrepreneurship and innovation, a pioneer in corporate culture, and a cradle of civilization and harmony. It specifically and truly expounds Minglong from all aspects of party building, economy, innovation, culture, harmony, and distribution of results. The framework of future development and the direction of efforts.

Over the years, Zhu Jianhua has always put economic development first. The company has formulated long-term planning goals with serious and serious overall planning, and implemented the detailed "three-year goal" for 2013-2015. It plans to break through the sales by 2015.1 billion, the economy ranks among the top 30 in Tongxiang. In order to complete the target on schedule, the enterprise starts from the actual situation of each branch and assigns tasks. The development of excellent customers, annual sales volume, number of salesperson training, financial income generation, etc. have been strictly detailed, responsible for each person, and publicized in the general manager's office. On the key issue of production and operation, "strictness is great love", which requires meticulous and serious treatment. Zhu Jianhua readjusted the duty system to strictly observe the night shift with a duty team formed by middle and high-level cadres and required workshop patrols every day. This is not only to establish the image of middle and high-level cadres, but also to strictly control the quality of night shift and prevent potential safety hazards. Product quality is the vitality of an enterprise. The three major positioning of an enterprise are "market positioning, customer positioning, and product positioning". The current critical stage is product positioning, strictly controlling product quality, grasping excellent customers, and maintaining the stable development of the enterprise. Seizing the opportunity, keeping pace and timely transformation are the main lines of Minglong's economic development. On the basis of the original 14 RS warp knitting machines imported from Germany, Minglong Kibu invested more than 3000 million yuan to purchase 10 German Liba machines. The Kibu industry successfully became the world's largest mesh manufacturer. In the near future, Minglong will strive to achieve the goals of "first sales in Tudian Town", "Top 30 in Tongxiang City", "Top 10 in Jiaxing Warp Knitting Industry" and "Top 8 in Plastic Industry.

For more than ten years, Zhu Jianhua has always wanted to repay the society and the masses. He has taken the lead in donating hundreds of thousands of yuan to Tudian's infrastructure construction, subsidizing poor college students to go to school every year, and establishing the 1 million Minglong Fund. With the increasing scale of the company, it not only provides hundreds of jobs, but also creates nearly 100 million yuan of economic benefits for Tongxiang. Minglong enterprise has also been rated as the advanced collective of Tongxiang Guangcai cause and won the social contribution award of Tudian town every year.

Zhu Jianhua has been contributing his own strength to the society and the enterprise, leading all colleagues of Minglong to sprinkle their youthful enthusiasm and sweat for Minglong's more brilliant development in the future.