Zhu Jianhua: A Private Entrepreneur's Childness

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Zhu Jianhua, Party Secretary and President of Minglong Holding Group Co., Ltd.


As a party member, he actively built the party building brand of "working together to create and share", and set an example of private entrepreneurs who promote development through party building and build brands through development.


From a small township-run weft knitting factory in 1984 to Minglong Holding Group with an output value of more than 100 million yuan, the company's boss Zhu Jianhua bears the distinctive signs of the first generation of private entrepreneurs: peasant background, self-made, and never Say die.


Seeing the reporter's first sentence, Zhu Jianhua modestly said that he was just a business owner, far from an entrepreneur. In his view, a real entrepreneur stands at a high level, not only making money, but also contributing to society. And the latter, for his part, he felt that he had not done enough.


But in fact, we deeply feel the mind of an entrepreneur from the employees around him and the students who have been helped by him in the society.


Party spirit education from childhood goes deep into bone marrow


After 30 years of trials and hardships, "Minglong" has developed into a group company with 7 subsidiaries, involving textiles, plastics, industrial mesh, trade, woolen sweaters, building materials, finance and other fields. Whenever "Minglong" is mentioned, the first reaction of many people is its unique party building culture and corporate culture.


Walking into Minglong Company, located in Tudian Light Textile Industrial Park, seems to have entered a "Party History Museum": Party building is everywhere in the archives, on the walls and in the mouths of employees.


In the tide of enterprise system transformation at the end of the last century, many enterprises abolished the party organization, but Zhu Jianhua did the opposite. He put forward the request of retaining the party organization of the enterprise to the higher level organization, and turned the full-time deputy secretary into the secretary. The division of labor and cooperation: the secretary focused on Party building and thought, and the factory director focused on economy and development. In that era, the development mode of "Party building with one hand and economy" was formed.


In 2012, "Minglong" did another thing that surprised many people-it took the lead in establishing the Enterprise People's Armed Forces Department in the city, and established a 40-person flood fighting and emergency response team, which took a path of innovative development. Participate in national defense construction with practical actions.


Now, "Ming Long" has achieved full coverage of mass organizations.


Why should a private enterprise spare so much energy to do things that seem to be "irrelevant to benefits"? Zhu Jianhua explained his original intention with "building a strong party and developing a strong party. "if enterprises want to be bigger and stronger, they should not be in the eyes of money, but also pay attention to social value and social word-of-mouth." Zhu Jianhua said that a party branch is a fortress and a party member is a banner, which can well guide the healthy and orderly development of enterprises.


Such a profound understanding stems from his childhood family education. "My father is the party secretary of the village brigade. He has always used the values of Communist Party members to educate his children." After taking up his job, the idea that the Communist Party is greater than heaven was deeply rooted in his heart. Later became the boss of the enterprise, he still abides by this belief, insists on rallying employees with party spirit and muze society with the spirit of the party. He has always firmly believed that in order to reflect value, we should not only look at how much profit the enterprise has won, but also how much it has contributed to the society.


Do charity don't ask if it's worth it


Since the transformation of the enterprise in 1998, under the leadership of Zhu Jianhua, "Minglong" has always been linked with various charitable activities. The construction of a new countryside requires the construction of village-level roads, the installation of street lamps, the construction of river banks and the construction of bridges. Zhu Jianhua silently contributes his own strength. Sometimes, when driving past the road he installed or repaired at night, he found that the road was broken or the light was not on, and the next day someone would fix it. For Zhu Jianhua, this has become a habit.


Minglong Company has invested 1.23 million yuan in supporting the charity of villages, towns and cities, and has established a special fund of 1 million yuan for the care of party members. At the end of each year, Zhu Jianhua will also bring condolences to the "three old and one poor" party members in Tudian Town.


There was a family in Hongxing Village, Tudian Town, who wanted to build a house and lost 10000 bricks. The client asked Zhu Jianhua to discuss whether he could buy it cheaply. "Their family is in such a difficult situation. What's cheaper? Give it to them."


Therefore, in teahouses in the countryside, there is often such a voice: "Boss Zhu of 'Minglong' is really a good man. The factory is so big that he does not forget his hometown and does not forget to give back to the society." "The people's praise is far more fulfilling than the glory in their careers." Zhu Jianhua said.


Over the years, subsidizing poor students is also a good thing that Zhu Jianhua has always insisted on doing. On one occasion, Zhu Jianhua saw in the newspaper that a girl admitted to Zhejiang University was stopped at the gate of the university by poverty. He took the initiative to contact the girl and undertook the tuition for 4 years.


I heard from people around me that there was a graduate student in Tudian who gave up his idea because he was poor and had no funds to engage in scientific research. After Zhu Jianhua learned about the situation, he immediately sent ten thousand yuan in cash to the students.


When the donated students sent thank-you letters and came to visit him in the factory on holidays, Zhu Jianhua felt that this was the best reward for everything he had done.


Zhu Jianhua himself is not sure how much money he has donated to charity and various public welfare undertakings over the years: "5 million yuan should be available. After all, our company is still growing. We hope to do better in order to better repay the society."


Many people have also asked Zhu Jianhua, in today's society, is it worth it to pay out? He said that it is precisely because the society is now full of material only, the concept of interest, that we need to do charity vigorously, to guide the mainstream values with positive energy.


Enhance the charm of the enterprise to retain employees


In private enterprises, employee turnover is a very normal thing. However, "Minglong" is different. Few people in the middle of the enterprise change jobs, and there are also many old employees who have been working for 20 to 30 years. What kind of corporate charm keeps employees? Zhu Jianhua has a saying: "Whether an enterprise can keep people depends on the leader, and whether there is a rush to follow this leader."


After retiring from the army, Guo Fengen, an employee from Henan, came to "Minglong" to work in administration and is now an assistant to the president of the enterprise. "With the step-by-step growth of the enterprise, I have also made great progress, not only the change of position and the increase of income, but also the spiritual prosperity and the embodiment of value." Guo Fengen said that the personal charm of the boss affects every employee, making everyone feel particularly "energetic" in such an enterprise ".


In enterprises full of happiness, employees become particularly motivated. "Every year, many people sign up for the development of party activists, and even the old man in the communication room has submitted applications to join the party. Both of his daughters work in our company, and the eldest daughter is also a middle-level cadre." Guo Fengen said.


On the cultural corridor of "Minglong", there are five huge publicity photos of employees. This is the "most beautiful dragon man" selected by the enterprise last year ". Gu Huiqing is the head of the enterprise financial audit department, and her colleagues are used to calling her "Aunt Gu". "I was a little girl when I entered the factory in 1987, and now I'm almost a grandmother. Minglong is my second 'home', and the boss is like my relatives." "Aunt Gu" smiled and said that the company gave her a platform to display her abilities, and she also witnessed the growth of the company. They have already merged into one. It is such a group of old employees that have supported the persistence and inheritance of "Minglong.


Modern enterprises need modern management methods. Zhu Jianhua is thirsty for talents. In selecting and employing people, he broke the shackles of cronyism in traditional private enterprises.


When the enterprise was first established, Zhu Jianhua heard that there was a high school student nearby. He tried every means to "dig" it into the enterprise. This person is Bu Jiankun, who is currently the head of the company's mechanical and electrical department. He has been working in the company for 25 years and has been working hard. "The boss respects me and trusts me. I can't live up to him."


In the past two years, Zhu Jianhua has also introduced the "competitive employment system" of government agencies and institutions into the middle-level competition of enterprises. In the last competition, Zhu Jianhua's niece also signed up, but in the end, it was a more capable girl from other places. "The girl has no background, but she works hard and has solid professional knowledge. This is the talent that the company needs." Zhu Jianhua said.


In order to make "Minglong" become the second "home" of the staff, Zhu Jianhua strives to create a comfortable working environment-according to the three-star standard, the staff apartment is built for two old employees, and there is also a husband and wife room with all kinds of equipment in the room; the staff are free of three meals a day, and the recipes are ordered by themselves; every year, the staff also organize long-term and short-term tours, staff sports meeting, staff Spring Festival Gala activities, increase employee happiness.